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Probably one of the most impressive aspects of N-Gage on this device is the N81 8GB has buttons over the top of the screen just for this purpose. Location Select a configured location from this list. For such a device that feels so great in the hand, to take a bad picture is just a big knock. The screen is a so-so affair. Overall, nothing spectacular about using the phone side of the N81 8GB, but given a few UI enhancements it could give a few phones a run for their money. Discussion in ‘ Mobile Phones Forum ‘ started by sirteuk , Apr 9,

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Normally when pairing a handset with a Bluetooth dongle, part of the process is that the dongle discovers which services the handset supports. N81 – Enter 1. Where the music, phone, and Internet abilities were great, and above that of many mobiles; the camera and some aspects of the general user interface were disappointing.

The QUIT command should be placed at the end of the script. This tab is primarily intended for debugging of simple scripts. The N81 8GB is a mobile that sometimes let me down, and others times delightfully faded into the background. Since ATAT is not a valid command, either the modem will immediately go off-hook and try negotiation ATAor it will simply remain silent and fail. Music is controlled from any application by the playback buttons surrounding the Navi-wheel.


This document simply outlines the moeem interface and associated functionality.

Nokia N81 8GB Review

This document discusses the fields and entries on the main configuration window. The steps used to create a script can be found in the Sample Configuration area.

Nov 26, Messages: Stop Bits Enter the stop bit for negotiation. Using a bluetooth dongle I can access the internet with my Nokia using the Almadar netwotk,but its so slow it’s nearly unuseable. We have included a Sample Configuration that simulates a dialup attempt to an ISP, and attempts a scripted login sequenced.

Help how can I use my N81 as a modem

Overall, I have to place the design of the N81 8GB as one of missed expectations. Again, if the text is not received in this period of time, the script will fail.

If you are looking for a camera phone, then move on, but if your interests are a mobile with more than capable music and Internet abilities, the N81 8GB is a solid buy. Timeout Enter the number of seconds that the modem should wait for a connection after dialing. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Rather, the PAUSE command simply m81 a wait time specified to allow for known slow response or initialization. There is a demo version of a few games, and a nice introduction to the service.

Help how can I use my N81 as a modem – Microsoft Community

Voice quality, whether using a Bluetooth headset, the handset itself, or the speaker phone was excellent. And like the iPhonemakes you expect just a bit more from the device in your pocket.


When the slider is closed, you see a device that begs to be touched. Data Bits Enter the data length for negotiation. Whether in a well lit area or not, the camera never performed well, even when the LED light was used. This will allow for script execution only without dialing and checking for connection. Nodem, nothing spectacular about using the phone side of the N81 8GB, but given a few UI enhancements it could give a few phones a run for their money.

Location Select a configured location from this list.

This menu fades in and out when activated and takes full advantage of the Navi-wheel functionality. See Script Configuration mdem more information. If you are using TAPI, you should configure your dial settings such as “Dial for an outside line, current area code, long distance dialing, etc.

SEND Signifies that the information contained in the text field should be sent to the modem. Nevertheless, indoors, the display was bright and clear and due to the automatic screen adjustment, always looked just right in most conditions.