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For more information about how to specify an Analysis Services connection in existing Microsoft applications, see Connect from client applications Analysis Services. To specify how members are aggregated when dimension security is applied, you can set this property to True to use only allowed values in the aggregation, or False to exclude restricted values from the total. Here is an example for a connection through ODBC. In the case of Power Pivot, it is not used for authorization purposes. Valid values are Default, Error, and Ignore. Which one of the above methods to choose, largely depends on your specific needs and on the configuration of the SQL server. View the file version information.

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Performs no authentication on data sent to the server. Valid values are True or False. Specifies the server instance. Valid values are True and False.

Connection string properties (Analysis Services) | Microsoft Docs

The version should include In the case of Power Pivot, it is not used for authorization purposes. Currently, the default behavior is equivalent to 2, where aggregations include values that are hidden from the user.


To distinguish between these versions, you must check the build number in the file properties of the provider: You only need to set this property if you require a specific version of the data provider, for example to connect to a SQL Server instance.

This value can be useful when monitoring tracing events, especially when you have several applications accessing the same databases. When greater than 0, overrides the value of the corresponding CommitTimeout property in the server configuration.

The server can impersonate the client identity for authorization purposes but cannot access system objects as the client.

Defines how characters are encoded on the request. Sets the format of the XML sent to the server. When multiple targets are possible, include the cube or perspective name on the connection meolap.

The following table describes those properties most often used when building a connection string. Do not modify it. However, you must use Windows Authentification.

Run MDX queries on OLAP Cubes via ODBC or PHP sqlsrv extension

Although, the code idbc are provided in PHP, this method should work with any other programming language. ConnectPktIntegrityPktPrivacy. NET connection string in Excel specifies the data provider, server, database name, Windows integrated security. This topic describes connection string properties you might set in one of the designer or administration tools, or see in connection strings built by client applications that connect to and query Analysis Services data.


None indicates that no compression is used. Our product leverages Analysis Services combined with Reporting Services, we recently made some changed to add compatability for SQL Email Required, but never shown.

How to obtain the latest versions of MSOLAP

The server process can also make outgoing calls to other servers while acting on behalf of the client. When set to True, security information, such as the user identity or password previously specified on the connection string, can be obtained from the connection after the connection is made. If this is empty, 0 is assumed. The operation has been cancelled.

Depending on your server stack there are multiple ways oddbc achieve this, but, unfortunately, none seems to be really straight forward. The latter is easier, but makes it impossible to use personalized access rights in the database server. The server process cannot obtain information about the client, nor can the client be impersonated. Compression and binary formats are used to speed up data transfer requests and responses.

Compression is a proprietary format that further reduces the size of requests and responses. User ID and Password are used together.