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Sep 1 , If you are really unwilling to do your own flashing, then it’s best to take the phone down to a Motorola service center. Because when I tried it it always error’ed out. Jun 2 , How do I remove the “Flex Error: RSD Lite will also flash and flex your phone.

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This ends the “downloads” section of this tutorial.

Rsd lite and p2k tools not detecting my v3i

Jul 13 Please provide the guide. Just to note, a number of these downloads are also available here: I like the look of the black OEM housing as well. This motoro,a shot is from the older version of the program. I followed the steps below from http: Finally we are done installing drivers and P2K Tools started and recognized my phone.

Hum The keypad is held close to the ear much closer than in normal calling position. Multiple Letter Search Video Recording: There are white spots everywhere and the fonts aren’t as sharp as before. Sending Restart Command… Bootloader is now 7.


Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

However, there’s a seem edit to enable the audio files to be played while the flip’s closed. Click here to download these programs. This is needed specifically to modify the splash mktorola image.

When you select to Overwrite, it will clear off the phone’s contact information and then replace it with the SIM card’s information.

Turn off your phone, open the back cover, take out the battery, and remove your SIM card. The phone vi3 boot up in Bootloader mode displaying the Bootloader version and the software version.

Check out other forum, some flash lock certain service eg: To use it, simply connect the V3 to the data cable and launch the downgrader program. I’ve updated the thread a motoroa. D0, have fun modding! If there’s a letter after your phone’s model name, then it is up to you to decide whether to follow any of the instructions mptorola this site.


These programs are only for authorized Motorola service centers so you’ll have to Google these programs to find them.

Jul 4 Activate Custom shutdown custgoodbye. Download the “Motorola P2K Drivers version 2. Apr 15 No problem ; Card PM.

How to unlock your Motorola V3 RAZR cell phone | Mario Lopez’s Blog

Keep them all in one folder to make things easy. Let’s get started with a couple of sources for obtaining the software that you’ll need when working with your phone. This is my first.

Think of the flex as the Linux kernel, or the Windows version you run. Bear in mind that flashing your phone will also reset it back to stock status.

Lalala Life’s Sweet Group: By replacing the original funlight.