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Now I have to go find them So what kind of stuff will this game have that needs such a fast card? I haven’t had a lot of time to play it, though. Roman79 , Dec 4, I’m gonna a build another sys to just to run these

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This is great stuff and will help this game last all that much longer. So until then, goobye, and thanks for your help.

Concerning The Lord of the Rings game: Intel Architecture Day.

So much lag. :: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind General Discussions

It works great on my system, but that’s no voodko of anything, so we’ll have to see. Looks like I will set em up and take some pics. I haven’t downloaded any patches yet but before I do, I’d like to know if I’m not just wasting my time Pics don’t seem to show up, not sure if it’s me or the forum.

After reading this I have the urge to put together a Windows98SE machine.

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind “Officially” Announced

Now I have to go find them He changed out the motherboard years ago, though, so it’s got a Celery mhz in it. Loved coodoo products, owned each iteration of their cards – was blown away by SLI with Voodoo 2’s. I by no means expect a solid time table but a rough estimate would be great. If you want to enter the wonderful world of Morrowind, you’ll need a significant upgrade, I think.


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AaronPDec 4, I could run shit at !!! Glide was pimp imho, miss it greatly!!! You may chose to be a mighty and noble hero and follow your nose on a quest, or you could be the slime of the city and join the thieves’ guild and rise to leadership.

I really wish they were still around to duke it out in the DX10 generation. Amongst countless other applications, of course. Well, this wasn’t really unexpected, was it?

Truely an amazing game, still holds a place morrowjnd my heart, even though I’ve moved on.

PicklesMar 16, Reply 1 – If you cannot select a Resolution, this usually means that the Config Tool requires a form of DirectX8 compilance the installed Driver does not meet. It does sound pretty brilliant.

Still have the Voodoo5, not sure where the other two went. The problem is, I think, that I can’t vvoodoo a resolution in the settings dialog because there are no resolutions available to choose from. I just looked at it and cracked up.


Keep your eyes open for more info as it becomes available. Graphics card aside, it looks to me like your PC just barely scrapes through with the minimum requirements. That ‘should’ help you get past the Config Tool, but expect other Engine related errors after that Does it support, or will it support the features like animated grass?

I would very much like to find a guide that has the technical explanation, followed by the same explanation in caveman speak. Conditional full screen shaders that are easy to use?