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If the fuse is not blown and there is still no power, send printer AND its power supply in for service to the location at the end of this document. Install the Radio Configuration Utility from the CD that was shipped with the printer or download it here: Let the light blink orange twice and let go of feed button. My printer is printing light on one side of the label. How do I print? Contact technical support if this persists. Make sure that you’re using the settings given to operate on your system configuration.

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What PDA’s fit the ? Verify supply type selected matches the supplies installed in the printer.

Calibrate printer to get a diagnostic label. USB drivers are available for a variety of operating systems.

Monarch Legacy Utilities | Avery Dennison

Make sure the print head, which is located on the lid, has no labels or adhesive stuck to it. Previous versions used to underline the character. Try a new power supply.

Monarcn should advance a few blank labels, and then give a diagnostic label. Also make sure the proper power supply is being used. To prevent breakage use gentle pressure to provide support to the cover as you lower it to the feed roller.


This printer should have a volt AC power supply. Check to insure you have a fully charged power source. Press the right arrow to display Parallel Comm. The “beep” function was introduced February Make sure the pins in the cable are no bent.

My printer is jamming or displaying “label jam”. Download and extract the contents of the zipped file.

Make sure all parameters on jonarch Host and Printer’s Serial port match exactly. If not, send the printer AND its power supply in for service to the location at the end o this document.

Send equipment in for service to: The supply roll should unwind easily. My printer is not communicating. Do not allow the cover to fall closed as it can break the cover interlock post shown below: To prevent downtime with your Model printer monrach exercise care when closing the cover.


The feed momarch is fully latched into place to allow the print head to transfer heat evenly across the labels. Last, make sure the labels being used are within 12 months old and have been stored in a cool dry place.


If you have a fully charged power source the unit has lost its application and will need to be re-flashed or sent 941 for service.

I have my PDA installed in the printer. Supply should be running against the inside edge of the supply path. How do I change from numeric to alpha characters shown on the keyboard? The printer must have a complete date as shown: If you have the Update Utility, you may reload the keypad yourself. Some software packages come with drivers for the printers, other drivers are available at: Some printers have multiple formats.

For MPCL versions of the printer printer version is shown on the display when turned oninvalid or non printer language is being sent. Send the keypad AND its power supply to the address at the end of this document.

Verify the label stock is loaded correctly.