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Alex Yeung and his team engineered this DAC to bring you the absolute best in digital playback. Given my long-term favorable impressions of the tubed output, I can only say that Alex Yeung also did a wonderful job of designing and implementing a solid-state output circuit! We never use the phrase “highly recommednded” like most others because no single product can ever be recommended for everyone, there are too many variables. Taking the pulse on what his customers wanted in a new product, Bill solicited online forum opinion. Usually, any time you stick a brand-new component in the system. With both pro DACS, the sax was solidly there in space, but there was a bit of fuzziness associated with the edges of the image of the instrument.

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Using an adapter to allow for the coax connection, I hooked up the Audio Alchemy to the Eastern Electric DAC and literally had to hold on tight to keep from falling as it took me for a ride into the age of modern DACs. A good analogy would be an image in a photograph taken just out of focus.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G. – Burson Audio

Again, my only real gripe with the USB implementation mknimax its inability to deal with high-resolution files. However, the DAC does come equipped with a set of four vibration-busting hemispherical rubber feet.

I have had a large collection of their compact discs for many years, but have only very recently begun acquiring used vinyl on the label. I left the tube output on for the rest of my listening period.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

Good orchestral recordings emphasize these strengths quite well. Given my long-term favorable impressions of the tubed output, I can only say that Alex Yeung also did a wonderful job of designing and implementing a solid-state output circuit! In other words, we are most likely better off doing less math on the data, thus keeping it closer to its original form as it is found on the source medium. Not only does that insure absolute fairness to the manufacturer, it also takes any potential for politics or favoritism out of the process.


Eventually he offered me a world’s first review of the Eastern Electric M mono block power amps, pictured left. Furthermore, the ULN-2 employs an excellent clock, and thus serves as an initial filter for incoming jitter.

Imagine a solo saxophone playing in the center of the soundstage. The year was Well, I lobbed a Seimens in there things changed quite a bit from the Shuguang, but the difference between the solid state and tube sides was still not night and day.

The MiniMax more than compensates by being more spritely, more youthful.

Many early digital recordings while considered being State Of The Art back then upon their release were in fact just in their infancy of superior playback dqc the digital realm.

He told me had already received one but wanted another opinion. There is detail without the dryness.

In those terms, this represents more or less state of the art high-resolution playback mibimax peanuts. More like a piece of art than a techie geek fest. Deep articulate bass with silky extended highs.

What I love about this powerhouse recording is the minomax performance put in by Charlie and his trio Keter Betts on bass and Buddy Deppenschmidt on drums ; the technical interplay between the players and their intensity has to be heard to be believed. These were my day-to-day DACs.

The LEDs are not overly large or bright, and I love those beautiful silver knobs that stand out against the anodized black faceplate and chassis. While there are literally millions of reverb types, let’s assume this is a minimac, linear, 4 second smooth reverb that begins at the left and smoothly trails out to the right.


For example, big drum hits; we not only hear the initial attack and the resounding enclosure of the drum, but you hear it trail off like a real drum would and not get chopped off as per usual. A few of the reviews I have seen have alluded to the fact that the EE Minimax Dac has a very high potential to be a giant killer if those pesky not very good stock Opamps are swapped out.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

Is there much of difference in the sound signature, and is there a bigger difference between the tube and solid state outputs on the Plus??? Rather than describe what less than ideal DACs sound like, below is a little graphic that will show you what digital reverb can sound like. All are still chocolate, but with slight variations on the theme, in things like texture and finish.

Both John and Bill said the tube circuit and it is a separate circuit, not just a tube buffer tacked on the front does not make a profound difference. It added gravitas to the high praise already heaped layer upon layer upon the album in the preceding paragraphs. While I did not fool with the USB input cough coughthe fac that it is limited to Well, I said all that to say this: