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Before I upgraded my laptop from Win 7 to Win 10, I remember being able to connect to Have you tried both starting Gemini. Have you confirmed that these are the actual IP address and port being used by your mount? So I’,m still stuck. I got the same result in each case. This driver does NOT support Synta mounts.

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Simple applications such as planetarium slewing are more likely to work than demanding automation applications. I used two separate connection configurations. Added non-precision pulse-guiding option 3. I would think axcom would be hard coded to listen on port at IP address This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.

Connecting TheSkyX to ASCOM Driver

Similarly, it can not reach http: Deleted my firewall rules. So the question is why can’t I see the gemini 2 at Is there a better way? Use this driver with mounts that purport to use the LX protocol.

Added support for Gemini II and Ethernet interface 2. Provides position readout, slews, gemiini of pier where appropriateand pulse guiding among its basic capabilities.


In short, this error message cannot come from aecom native Gemini driver. GeminiTelescope No such host is known.

Response via private email:. I’d suggest you get that working first, then attempt to get TheSkyX involved. If you cannot use your browser to connect to http: Have you tried both starting Gemini.

The mount didnt come with a manual or driver disc. Software Bisque will be closed through January 2nd, The only way I knew how to kill it was to reboot the laptop.

Wscom listed your firmware revision levels. If it defaults to Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc. I recall being able to log onto Gemini from my laptop.

Connecting Laptop to Gemini 2

This didn’t seem necessarily wrong so I hit OK in this window too. Did you look at the Asckm tab of the Task Manager?

The driver has also passed the Conformance Checker tests see this report. Thinking that I might need to recycle the power on the laptop to activate the newly installed drivers, I did so.


Be prepared for limitations and problems. Do not run as administrator – that causes all kinds of problems with processes not able to communicate with each other. NET supposed to provide a virtual WiFi router with this address to act as an intermediary to Gemini at You could download this from the Losmandy site but alas none for the Gemini 2 yet! This web page is five years old but I have found nothing newer so have to assume this is still accurate aecom.

Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. This is a full-featured driver that provides not only ASCOM standard driver functions, but also user access to many of the Temma’s special features. The button leads to David’s web site for this driver as well as other info on DSCs.