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Find items to trade in. Pages with related products. You never really need to turn the wheel past 90 degrees in either direction to get a car to hit its tightest turning radius even the old cars without power steering , so cranking the wheel all the way around is not only entirely unnecessary but also debilitating to your lap times since it takes so long to straighten out again. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Now, keep in mind that you only get degrees in games that support it, the total of which I think you can count on one hand at the moment. Automatic Degree Steering compatibility mode Automatically restricts the rotation of the wheel to degrees of rotation in games that do not support degrees of wheel rotation.

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The sequential shifter is leagues better than the old wheel’s paddle shifts and makes shifting, especially upshifts, feel much crisper and faster.

The gravel in the rally tracks, the slight bumps that threaten to send you off the road as you scream along at over miles an hour, and even riding over railroad tracks feel like you’d expect them to.

The extra steering lock allows your steering input to be much more precise than with the old wheel. What’s logietch the Box?

Logitech Driving Force Pro with modern PC Games

Easy installation and setup The USB port connection makes for easy plug-and-play operation. Be aware though buying used does come with risk of getting a malfunctioning one and repair might need to be done off you know how, if not send it back. This ultra-realistic steering wheel uses loitech feedback technology to produce the most authentic driving experience. Automatic Degree Steering compatibility mode Automatically restricts the rotation of the wheel to degrees of rotation in games that do not support degrees of wheel rotation.


Logitech Driving Force Pro

Its more like paddle buttons, but I like to use the logitrch shifter instead. You’re going mph down a long straightaway at Nurburgring. Now, the Driving Force Pro is actually capable of more power than older wheels.

All of this through the simple, but extremely refined, side-to-side movements of a video game lkgitech device. As well, something noticeable about moving from GT3 to GT4 is that the wheel has a much tighter “dead zone”.

Even though you’ll only be turning about 90 degrees in each direction, you’ll never hit that “wall” that’s there in older wheels or older games with this wheel. Bought this item used which of course had the issue of a missing power adapter, but even that can’t take away from the experience this wheel will add to grand tourismo 5 and 6. Amazon Logitefh Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Like the F1 shifters it’s also sequential, meaning logitecch pull it towards you once to shift up and push it away to shift down. I used the G25 drivers on the logitech website for my PC. Experience the convenience of Alexa, now on your PC.

This means that you have to switch hands in order to crank the wheel over enough to get the car through low to mid-speed turns.

Logitech Driving Force Pro GT USB Steering Wheel for PC Ps2 Ps3 | eBay

Or something, that sounds weird. The wheel’s major selling point is its degrees of rotation, with force feedback all the way around, for supported games.


All the control you need The 8-way D-Pad and four PlayStation action buttons circle, square, X, triangle give you convenient control of menu selections, view changes, car control functions, and other standard directional pad controls in driving games. When you were in a straightaway in older games GT3 or anything else you’d have what I’d guess would be about 5 degrees of looseness in each direction before you felt any feedback.

Four secondary action buttons L2, L3, R2, R3 act as L2, L3, R2, and R3 buttons of standard PlayStation 2 controller to be used for a variety of car control functions such as horn, lights, and wipers.

That loose zone is noticeably tighter now with the Driving Force Pro. The steering in the game feels very natural and realistic. Feel the road with incredible detail when at the wheel pcc the Driving Force Pro! Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. So again, the wheel doesn’t do anything that older wheels weren’t capable of in non degree supported games.

I still prefer using the F1 shifters over the gearshift since it isn’t really all that cool and it requires pcc a hand off of the wheel. If you just want it good enough, save your dough.

If you have a need for a wheel but don’t but one of the expensive ones do to cost I would say taking a chance on a used one might be you ticket. Don’t see what you’re looking for?