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Theres too many factors for us to simply list out our stats.. Forgot to bring it to work. Clicked it and installed the driver only. I was busy with some hard drive issues this weekend. Then I selected the map ralink, where it installed the driver, but it doesn’t do anything.

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But it’s not there.

September 29, For details and our rakink data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Attach wireless device 2. See full activity log. One, of course, is the AE, and the other is a Samsung module for my theater system.

New session of user paul. It works really well in Linux. I use their driver for the Linux operating system, as Linksys does not want to get into anything but Windows. Check to see if Linux sees device. I’m reading quite a few pages and forum posts on wireless issues, but things are still a hodge-podge in ralinl mind; Meaning, I’m not understanding the overall picture.


Select lin,sys driver under the tabs. Message 17 of 57 5, Views. I’m running KDE, the latest version.

And it will then install. It does not install through the setup even though it acts like it. Message 19 of 57 5, Views. Llinksys, as Linux and windows use memory very differently, there may be bugs that are harmless in the Windows environment, but deadly under Linux. The above in turn reference various versions of the Ralink drop; most of which you can’t find anymore.

Device shows in lsusb but nowhere else.

Ralink RT, 13bf, Linksys AE Will Not Connect

I’ve been reading that WEP isn’t nearly as secure. Thomas M Steenholdt tmus wrote on As you have a device listed in iwconfig actual output is preferredthe driver is likely loaded.

I explained pretty clear I thought. I’ll post again shortly with the results. If it is, and it is not grayed out, then do the configuration. I believe I’ve liksys the hardware installed correctly I think?


If not, then check dmesg to see why.

Linksys AE1000

USB wireless worked at one time in Ubuntu. So you know, the reason that you can’t just Code:.

Email me about changes to this bug report. I too, just wish someone had this problem before too and writes out what they did about it. Message 16 of 57 5, Views. Message 11 of 57 5, Views. Results 1 to 10 of