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Top View It then pulls photos through rollers then over plastic and the glass covering the sensor. It then pulls photos through rollers then over plastic and the glass covering the sensor. Economy Print Scanning is a high volume, automated scanning process. Green Line in the scan is not in the original print Streaked lines in the scan are not in the original print. Two available USB 2. Because the print moves over the sensor the dust’s effects are felt all the way across the picture in the direction of travel resulting in thin red, green or blue lines spanning the entire length of the scan and every scan that follows. A4 Flatbed Accessory Cat No:

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See Full-sized s Samples. Lines, streaking, and discoloration may occur See “Potential Scan Quality Issues” below Since this is a manual process, our technicians will rescan any images that have issues due to scanner malfunction, and color correct images with color casts due to fading.

Roller Cleaning Pads Cat No: We cannot guarantee image quality or individual evaluation of your images based on this process. How The Kodak i and s Scanner Works.

Economy Print Scanning Service

Correct red eye, poor color balance and contrast Rotate photos clockwise or counterclockwise Offer even more profitable possibilities – Think of the Kodak s Photo Scanning System as another opportunity to generate more revenue and increase customer loyalty. Separation Module Cat No: If you are using your photos for viewing on a TV or Digital Picture frame, you most likely will never notice the lines.


Brillianize Detailer Wipes Cat No: Specifications Support Related Products. Streaking in the scan is not in the original print. It stacks the photos at the bottom when done. No, loose prints only. Why Does Scannre Cost Less?

Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System – document scanner

The scanner just didn’t produce acceptable results for us and we would frequently rescan jobs on a different scanner to keep from putting out a poor product. If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive way to get photto photos on to a digital picture frame, for example, this service may be for you.

Green Line in the scan is not in the original print. Now you can scan memories to CD, DVD and other media for customers to display, print, share and preserve digitally and in the process, create a whole new revenue stream. Perfect Page Scanning iThresholding; adaptive threshold processing; deskew; autocrop; relative cropping; aggressive cropping; electronic color dropout; dual stream scanning; interactive color, brightness and contrast adjustment; auto orientation, automatic color detection, background color smoothing, PDF, PDF searchable ; Smart Touch Functionality, offering powerful, easy one-touch scanning including an intuitive interface, automation of multiple and repetitive tasks with the push of scannner button; ability to scan to file, e-mail, printers, fax printers and other locations.

Why does DigMyPics even offer this service? Cleaning the glass between batches helps, but it’s impossible to eliminate the problem.

s Photo Scanning System – Support : Kodak Alaris : Information Management

These are most obvious in light areas, like in sky or snow as well as in dark areas and shadows. The only difference between the i and the s is the software that Kodak bundles with the device.


Economy Print Scanning pohto a high volume, automated scanning process.

Ideal for Digital Picture Frames. That’s just not our style.

Call us at or email support digmypics. Those who are looking for the flexibility of archival quality images.

Selectable Image Cleaner Tool to optimize captured image quality by reducing the effects of environmental factors, like dust, may cause; red-eye removal; KODAK Perfect Touch Technology customized for photo scanning photo retouching, contrast adjustment and color correction ; auto deskew; auto cropping; image rotation manual and automatic ; image sharpening.

It then pulls photos through rollers then over plastic and the glass covering the sensor. Green Line in the scan is not in the original print Streaked lines in the zcanner are not in the original print. Kodak uses some software techniques to try and compensate for phoo of the problems but there’s only so much software alone can do.

Staticide Wipes Cat No: A4 Flatbed Accessory Cat No: This page gives some examples of the differences between a scan from the and our traditional archival quality scans.