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How much more complete this story is than the account I originally wrote in John Spilsbury lists seven: Aunty Doll rejoiced at her birth in the noble names Grace Bertha Anthea, but probably never used them afterwards. Riese Ralph de Arden d. Sometimes the details about a particular ancestor available from the several researchers do not coincide, so I have tried to give both accounts. Your existing password has not been changed.

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Ellen Margaret, Nellwas born in Octoberand died in Follow the instructions to update your password. Who were these four Day girls, and what brought them to this pass at the sad ages of six, five, iohn and two? Thompson ParkesJ.

The battle was a disaster, resulting in heavy casualties across the division. The whole was truci framed in an oval frame. Dedicoat moved to Sofala soon afterwards: It appears she and Mary Kirwin took to drinking together. But why Callan Park? One can only regret not knowing either these men or their stories. Susanna, who was born in and twins Judith and Hamnet, who were born in He was a Gallipoli veteran.

They were certainly very different people, differing in upbringing and different in temperament. Mary Kirwin was fifteen years of age when she arrived, in the company of orphan females and other immigrants, in Sydney, 29 Juneon the ship Maria.


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Residue of sentence to be remitted on 21st Dec. According to Pearce and Tipping, he was buried in a grave now unmarked in the present cemetery near his home beside his long-time friend, Bill Musgrave, having painted his own wooden tombstone with the inscription.

Unfortunately there is no record of a spouse or children on her death certificate. Apart from the fact that she had several addresses in Bathurst — Ranken Street and Seymour Street — nothing is certain. Day himself was horrified at the accusation and set iswell to establish his alibi.

John Oswell – The Best Candidate for Charville – Hillingdon Labour Group

This was an exciting period of battles, willing lubras he is nothing if not discreeta state funeral, murder, trials and bushfires. It is time to turn to the Whittaker story, to the forebears of John senior and his parents Peter Whittaker and Margaret Wall — for that was her name. I am indebted to Ken Taylor for reading the text, making corrections and suggestions, and allowing me to use several photographs which were not in my collection.

Private prayer should be encouraged, and the teacher should give instruction to the children on this subject. The Chief Justice replies 2nd September There were seven children, all born in Willington: His death was registered at Gladesville, probably the Gladesville Asylum. Mary Throckmorton Robert Arden d. Few of the children that we saw appear to possess constitutions sufficiently strong to enable them to endure the severe toil of a day-labourer.


The ground attached to the institution is too limited in extent. The children employed in it would be learning a useful and healthy occupation, while at the same time they imbibed a love for the most innocent and delightful of recreations.

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We do know that in three of their children, Ann HannahDavid and Mary were placed in an orphanage. On 22nd July Alexander was hospitalized in France and transferred to England 9th August with oswel.

William Day was an adventurer. Marion had died soon after her birth in On tguck March Alexander was transferred to the 45th battalion.

From what follows, it is clear that while David seems to have been settled, his wife Jane was far from settled.