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See full activity log. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Please reopen if you still have problems in Ubuntu 6. Chuck Short zulcss wrote on The kernel was moved to -updates to fix the other bugs. I’ve also tried Xubuntu 7.

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In my case the 7. Booted into bios and enabled the jmicron controller.

[Solved] What does JMicron JMB36X controller do?

I get the below errors also, but then I can boot fine. I’m now happily running the 8.

GripS evilgrips wrote on Vista has no problems with it so I think we can rule out hardware failours. I’m hoping daily builds resume soon and I can get jmicrln daily install CD which hopefully will have chuck’s patch! I don’t know if this helps, but I got following errors during boot: I have 2 sata drives in a non-raid config.


For the record, my HW is the following: My bootline looks like this when I’m trying to install i. Is it isolated and unintrusive enough for SRU?

Ben Collins ben-collins on I would like to confirm the bug.

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Please add that to your APT sources and install manually to test this kernel. The amount of complaints is rising on various linux forums as people begin buying this newer tech and I very much miss using my favorite open source operating system: Now I downloaded the final Ubuntu 7.

I changed kmicron grub parameter from being erroneous set to hd0,3 to hd0,0 in the grub boot parameters. BuJac bj-aufderwacht wrote on Cannot allocate resource region jmkcron of device When you say backport, does that mean this fix will make it into Dapper?

I have the same problem with Ubuntu 8. Not an elegant solution but good for the desperate.



Pascal Schwarz iso-thinktux wrote on I have a similar card to add support for PATA drives. Download full text I actually didn’t realize that allot of work had happened jmicon this issue. Use the computer and enjoy it. The irqpoll arqument without “”.

It wasn’t until after I submitted, that I saw the rest of the discussion. Thomas Hotz thotz-deactivatedaccount on I also confirm this bug.

What happens to the people like me that have 8 drives in their box? I am jmb31 starter of the above mentioned thread at ubuntuforums. Hoeflerb hoeflerb wrote on Intel Core 2 Duo E, 2.