Network and Wireless Cards


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Do you already have an account? Your name or email address: Of course, you will need a compatible device to get any use out of it, but that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases due to the well featured compatibility list. I selected a small text file to send over to the phone. While hundreds of ringtones and graphics are a nice thing to have, none of these are named or indexed in any way that I could find. Conclusion The MA really impressed me here. The synchronization option also allows Microsoft Outlook contacts and your phone’s phonebook entries to be synchronized.

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Yes, my password is: Welcome to ScubaBoard, the world’s largest scuba diving community. Prop the dongle so that it rests directly meaning touching the plastic cover over your dive computer’s IR input.

Uwatec/Scubapro IrDA MA-620

Download from the Internet or use what’s on the included CD and then install. Been there, done that of course – hopefully someone on the train that day enjoyed their new Registration is not required to read the forums, but we encourage you to join.

I recently purchased a Nokia mobile phone and had noticed a few features lacking compared to my previous phones, the Nokia and Irds you cannot find one, buy any other bit IrDA transmitter. Thankfully, ja620 function is included with the handset manager software. Below is an outline of what the software features: Easily done either through scrolling through every damn tone in the phone, or by having someone irra you and start bleeping out something which vaguely resembles The Ketchup Song.


If you just look at the IR transmitter you won’t see anything, but if you point a camera at it you’ll actually see the pulses of the diode: The device is probably a widely used chip with a stamp put onto it, so if you find the original manufacturer youll find drivers that work.

USB 1,2 or 3? For your money, you get: Although I don’t believe any product is necessarily perfect, giving this anything but idra perfect score wouldn’t feel right, as it does exactly what it sets out to do and then some.

Search Media New Media. Support for a multitude of mobile phones. This adapter hosts the ability to interact with many devices, ranging from mobile phones to Digital cameras.

The synchronization option also allows Microsoft Outlook contacts and your phone’s phonebook entries to be synchronized. Check a box, hit an arrow and the contact can be sent to the phone or uploaded to Outlook.

I selected a small text file to send over to the phone. Probably the most useful thing out of all this is being able to save the phone book from your phone to a file – very useful in the event of losing your phone.


IRDA Wireless Bridge (WL-MA-620)

The other inclusion is the small silver rodent with green eyes and a large black mouth. Do you already have an account? The program can only read. Although initially it gave me an impression of, perhaps, a fancy addon rather than a useful purchase, my opinion was quickly reversed by the sheer compatibility and features it possesses. Software is available for a wide variety of phones – including but probably not restricted to: This next clip is the MA and having a chat: Major Feature 4 is picture editing.

China IRDA Wireless Bridge (WL-MA) – China Irda

Summary All in all, it’s a nifty little device, and the included software certainly helps justify the cost. Downloading the messages from the phone automatically stores them locally, without the need to manually save them to a file.

Interested in this stuff? After a conversation with my consisting of the voice command “IR” I sat the phone so that its IR transceiver faced the transceiver of the MA Join me while I void my warranty and proceed to display that fact to the Internet.