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The Xeon and series CPUs, with 4, 6, or 8 cores, intended for large multi-socket servers. Atom D and N series single-core and D and N series dual-core. Intel DG41BI desktop motherboard. Org Video Driver, version Penryn , California, a town of about 2, and home to a granite quarry.

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Itanium 2, the third-generation Itanium but still called Itanium 2. Used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Eight-generation Centrino mobile platform. Reference unknown; see Foster disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel I series server Ethernet adapters. Mount BonnellAustin, Texas.

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Pentium II Xeon processor, the first Xeon. Used in the Knights Ferry co-processor card. Intel SECW2 two-socket server board. If this hardware works the way I remember it the framebuffer is an uncached map, which means you want never to read from it and only write, but maintaining a shadow buffer would also raise memory bandwidth pressure; so, it’s a tradeoff, and I fayetheville know which one will be better.


Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard. Originally intended to be fiber-based, but the first versions use copper. Reference unknown; see Groveland disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel SEEP2 two-socket server motherboard. Uses the BX chipset. Comment 1 Adam Jackson Intel X series server Ethernet adapters. Views Read Edit View history.

Successor to Chief River. Grosse Point is also the codename of server systems based on this motherboard. Reference unknown; see Fork disambiguation for possibilities. First-generation Pentium II processor. Acer AL [ Probably named after Gallaway, California. Intel DG33FB desktop motherboard. Possibly named after Canmore, Alberta. Based cayetteville the Rimon controller chip. Bulverdea city in Comal County, Texas.

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Marathon, Greecefor which the long-distance race is named. Noconaa city in Montague County, Texas. Intel DXCS desktop motherboard. Atom CE processor, intended for consumer electronics devices. Part of the third generation of vPro McCreary. Reference unknown; see Fayetteille disambiguation for possibilities. Thorn, john, the game for all america by john thorn.