Graphic and Video Cards


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Only this method ensures correct operation in environments that are often found in today’s high power notebooks. If you have two or more instruments on the bus, you can disconnect all instruments except one to determine its address. If there is a problem, you no longer see your device. Otherwise, the GPIB interface is detected when you start your computer. Furthermore, the interface card can be tested. Only Online documents can be updated as needed. Install Instrument Drivers Next.

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Using your computer, you can take advantage of this powerful development and debugging tool to interactively communicate read, write, serial poll, and so on with your GPIB instruments. When VISAIC initially runs, it automatically finds all of the available resources in the system and lists the instrument descriptors for inea resource under the appropriate resource type.

If there is a problem, you no longer see your device.

Please report trouble with the web pages to the webmaster. To communicate with our instrument at Address 4, follow these instructions:. With this test panel, you can set properties for your instrument communication as well as read and write to the instrument.

Execute ‘setup’ and the product will be installed in a few minutes. But for good reasons, ggpib will remain in the next years: Pricing and order online at www.


Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

To prevent damage to the GPIB-USB hardware or other components in your system when different ground potentials are involved, do any pdmcia the following:. Options – Please call for availability: Real-time capability, at least to some degree, simplicity, lightweightness, quick installation and years of experience using DOS make it valuable.

You have just confirmed communication with your instrument. Strain relief assembly available for maximum stability even in rugged environments. Click on Scan for Pdmcia. Printed documentation is out of date at the time it is printed. You also can use the Resource to Find field to query each instrument for an identification ID string.

GPIB Interface Cards for PCIe, PCI, USB PCMCIA

If your computer is already running, the operating system automatically detects the GPIB interface. Interactive supervision and control Ines-ieee offers an interactive program to quickly gain experience with the measurement devices attached to the system.

You can repeat this process to confirm communication with all of your connected instruments. If you have two or more instruments on the bus, you can disconnect all instruments except one to determine its address.

This indicates that you should check for loose or disconnected cables, power disruption, or a malfunctioning instrument. Low power consumption and versatile use in notebooks and desktop computers, using PCMCIA drivesmakes it an excellent choice for portable and desktop applications. If your system involves different ground potentials, the voltage difference could surge through the GPIB hardware and cause damage. With the help of these functions, it is possible to transfer lnes files of any size from one hard disk to the other.


Install Instrument Drivers Next. This considerably reduces the programming which needs to be done. This sends the Your instrument should return an identification string and a return count.

problem with ines pcmcia card

This way the ieee driver with all commands becomes part of the according ‘C’ dialect. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. ID querying is discussed in the next section.

Reserving memory protects the measurement values from being overwritten by other data. For these reasons, Ines continues supporting DOS. Once you have completed these steps, you need a fast way to progress from interactive mode to programming mode so you can immediately begin writing your tests without a tedious transition process.