SCSI and RAID Devices


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Fri Aug 30, 1: Get a registry file from here. Select OK to reboot. Here are the download links: Apparently this does not work. Actually just installed Vista

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So I must be integrate all files for 32bits which you upload. Windows may work with some Intel drivers.

Repair install for AHCI?

Wed Sep 10, Because as you say, it’s impossible. Fernando You’re a Star, the HP driver has been accepted!

The driver is installed and Windows ask for a reboot, BUT don’t reboot yet. This question is part of a larger list of things I’ll need to do before installing a new SSD drive, but I think it deserves its own question.

Simply installing the driver before switching it over isn’t enough either, since Windows hasn’t seen the device to be able to bind the driver to windoas.

Repair install for AHCI? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Didn’t have to do anything, it just worked in AHCI mode. Microsoft has apparently not seen fit to include an AHCI driver as part of a service pack. When you come up to the task “Drivers”, hit the “Insert” button, use the “Single driver” option and point to the content of the driver package you have downloaded and extracted at first step.


It’s still not detected. Fri Aug 30, 1: Then will not show up under standard CMOS features. You can slipstream SP3 to your cd with nLite from http: Unfortunately, for some notebooks there’s no such option in their BIOS setup.

Another restart will be required to finish the driver installation.

Nevertheless it may be possible to get W2k installed onto an up-to-date PC. Any other ideas why it might not work?

There are many registry scripts that can insert the correct registry entries the driver file is required, and a download is often provided.

Depending on the OS you are going to install, you will just need the 32bit or 64bit driver version.

Regards Fernando My current System: The Intel RST driver v It can be use to setup windows xp for allmost laptop. No, this would not work at all, because many of ich01r different Intel textmode driver versions, which I am offering within the start post, are using files with the same name, but with different content.


However, it was still not present at boot and resulted in BSOD. Everything else is inaccessible under BIOS.

Unzip and store the driver folder of your choice somewhere caution: Will you tell me that ok? Don’t make or burn iso with nLite. Thanks for your reply, Fernando.

This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. It was disabled, I enabled it. The controller is often part of the chipset. Topic settings Print view.