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I’ve never attempted installing linux on RAID before. Yeah I think that’s all you need to do. You get emails on any disk failure. I am using the six partition method with boot ide drive and the rest on raid. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’ve updated to the latest dmraid just in case that was an issue, but still no joy I imagine that on scrubbing, an error will occur that will need to be reconciled, and I don’t know how it’ll be reconciled.

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BB code is On. Hardware RAID cards get around this through the aforementioned cache, where writes can be buffered up to avoid having all the drives seek in lock-step. I’m trying to get a good idea of what I’m going to expect before I buy the hard drives and try it.

Thoughts on intel ICH10R hardware RAID 5 vs. software RAID 1?

Make sure you only use partitions you created yourself in case partitions are listed doubly. If you have multiple dmraid devices with multiple sets of arrays set up say: Replace X with the partition number from the previous step.


I have an Asus A8V motherboard and had Gutsy running on it for some time. I’ve followed this tutorial but used a knoppix 5. Sign up using Facebook. Surely if it’s hardware raid ubuntu shouldn’t be able to see individual drives, and if it’s software I’d have needed to install some software on windows? I am surprised that nobody has jumped in here to help you yet as we do have some Linux experts on the forum. This allowed the installation to work. Originally Posted by mostlyharmless.

Thoughts on intel ICH10R hardware RAID 5 vs. software RAID 1? – Ars Technica OpenForum

With the advent of Terabyte disk drives, FakeRAID is becoming a popular option for entry-level small business servers to simply mirror 2 1. Using these dmraid devices, your device. Apr 16, Posts: Software RAID on Linux based on md is documented sufficiently; moreover, a good linux system admin, even under pressure, knows and can recall the commands by heart.

You probably are using software RAID, right? When a block on one disk fails a failure reaches up to the application level, currently it doesn’t try to read from the second disk.

ICH10R RAID support in Ubuntu

XOR the data block just read, or from cache, with the parity data. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


You might find what you need at the ASUS site. Tue Sep 09, Virtually none of these are true hardware RAID controllers.

Installing on RAID 1 ICH10R (fake raid)

Sign up using Email and Password. There will be another 2 1TB drives for rotating off-site backup. I hope it helps.

Post as a guest Name. Thanks very much for clearing that up for me. Eaid Disk Utility shows just the raid volume under “Peripheral Devices”.

The RAID will be used for storing data documents, photos, video, music, email, etc. Post as a guest Name. Originally Posted by Fett2. It could wreck any previous grub instalaltion.

While somewhat helpful, it’s geared toward setting up to boot off the RAID, which is not my goal. It is hardware raid, and the solution was very simple after all. Email Required, but never shown.