SCSI and RAID Devices


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Don Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Firstly I have Linux built with an initrd, with the hpt I chose the Windows XP version. Missing this and that, I told it to ignore lots of things. During install, gave repeated messages about Tue Jan 01, 4: Boot up is very slow

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Please review this file for important information about compatibility issues and differences in operation that were discovered after our product manuals were created.

Re: Help needed on HPT/ controller

I have no icons on my desktop???? You now pht370 to regenerate the initrd on the fakeraid partition now, i. This can cause mega probels. Tue Jan 01, 6: Nov 2, Posts: Highpoint recommended that hard disks on IDE sockets were not connected at this time as XP insists on writing the bootloader to those drives instead of the fakeraid array if they were connected.

I wiped everything out and tried again.

Hitman, Do you mean 2. Firstly determine what highpoint floppy drivers are needed, they do need to correspond with the software on the eeprom. If there is one other hard disk attached then that would normally be hd0 when you have started from it, making the array hd1.


Dec 4, Posts: Also, My usb mouse wasn’t detected. To use the new driver, you must replace the old one before you continue into graphic-mode setup.

HighPoint HPT/A RAID Device Driver v. Driver – TechSpot

It saw the drives OK when I used a floppy with the new drivers during the install. Now when Rxid is selected in the main award-bios, it loads grub from the rootsector, you can pick XP or a debian kernel.

Boost Junkie Ars Centurion Registered: When computer starts again choose your non-raid drive and start into your existing debian install.

Help us by reporting it. Mar 26, Posts: You can use find to determine which hd?

I’m a wanderer Registered: In order to determine the block arrangement of the drives we need to write some data to the array. Tue Jan 01, 5: I chose the Windows XP version.

Keep the floppy drive connected. There are more information about this issue on Microsoft support site: After OS installation complete, you can put them back. However, the firmware is needed to start the computer off the array, and as Raix will use the rom to access the drives anyway, it is perhaps better to retain the disks in the arrangement that the highpoint firmware put them in.


HighPoint hpt370 RAID

Jul 11, Posts: Download What’s New Quick Specs. Sun Jan 06, 3: This is all installing from the CD.

Maybe I’ll try them out and then use the driver rollback feature. Very weird since the motherboard seems to be keeping time well.

Mark the available device for booting, the other drives are shown as Hidden in the hpt bios. I haven’t switched to the 2.