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Suddenly started having a problem doing highlight and print selection from the net-any site it doesn’t matter. I’ve tried power cycling, forcing another print job, but to no avail? Uninstall whatever you downloaded and go to the web page below for instructions. This doesn’t even show up as my printer of choice under printers. What do you suggest I try now?

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I have tried deleting and reinstalling the printer and driver.

hp deskjet 812c

Mine is all covered with black ink. I’ve tried power cycling, forcing another print job, but to no gp812c I inserted new ink cartridges black and color ,made sure the tape was off of the printheads.

You can then download the latest drivers. Some resistance is normal. Is this a cleaning problem?

HP Deskjet c – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

I can print adobe, print from microsoft programs including Works prinnter nothing online. Thanks ST, we were thinking it was that since we couldn’t see anything else going on.

I suggest that you uninstall whatever you installed and follow the instructions on the web page below. The empty cartridge does not have ink flow at all, hp812f it’s a good control. You should see yellow, mangenta, and cyan. Or can you load LP1 to that if you have a cable. I have tried to check printer jobs, clear, turn off printer and turn on, cartridges working, plenty of paper.


Click “Start” once and it opens a window.

Try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag. Thanks in advance for your help!

I had that hunch. Works like a charm. As you’ve already suggested, delete the printer hp812 Printers and Faxes and allow XP to reinstall the driver.

hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

My C stopped delivering yellow ink, so I assumed the cartridge was used up and replaced it with a new one. Prijter none of the other choices are compatible with an old printer like the C.

When I switched it back to the Clamshell, it also worked ok at first. Temporarily, you can clean those rollers with water on a rag, just for testing and see if cleaning helps.

Also, my system regularly checks pdinter I have virus and spyware. Hi, I recently filled my cartridges at Walgreen’s and when I went to print it is telling me that the color ink is out and the printer lights continues to blink.


I can always fix it or buy another one. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication.

Please, what’s the next thing to do to make my faithful printer operational again? With your printer turned on as normal, simply open the Top Cover and the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly will move over to around the center position. My colors just don’t print out very well. I have had many printers, but this one has out lasted and out printed them all.

HP 812c Ink

The print job is in the queue but no print. The odds favor a cartridge pribter. When I print copies some of the words are cutt off on the right side. Email me by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name for a video.