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If it doesn’t, please file a report as per the procedure above. Then you probably are lacking the firmware for the broadcom card. Now I have a wlan0, but I can’t do anything with it. Wicd might be worth a try; I prefer it to gnome-network-manager myself. That was that until the next reboot. There were some changes and some drivers will only work with this package.

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Broadcom Wireless not working Suse This problem was solved by the following steps: Now it’s working wirelessly. At any rate my problem ended up being that I was missing an important metapackage – linux-image-extras I believe.

Loading firmware version Broadcom First, then other instqll. The following information is additional material to read about solving various issues related to Wireless Management and conflicts with other Network devices.

WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx – Community Help Wiki

Unfortunately, the wireless card is off whenever I reboot, so I created a script with the above two modprobe commands to execute whenever I reboot. If your connection drops very often, it means you are almost in the middle of both router devices. Find More Posts by aus9. In fact, my PCI.


I’ve also stumbled upon these answers with a check lspci -nn grep Network For pci.


Forced PIO do the following:. Then in a terminal, execute: You will also need the bfwcutter package which is usually included on the install media or can be downloaded from the official online repositories. The point of Sat Ubuntu is to collect answers, not links to answers. Make sure that the firmware-binstaller and the bfwcutter packages are installed of course you will need internet by others means:.

Although Ubuntu is meant to be versatile, jnstall, and easy to use for everyone, packages still are prone to dependency faults.

In this case, the revision version is rev 03 as shown inside the Parentheses After upgrading to Ubuntu On Ubuntu, you will need headers and tools. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

After downloading all packages and dependencies, you ijstall proceed on copying all packages to a single folder and running the dpkg command as mentioned on step 4 above.

Even more flaky than the STA driver. The broadcom-sta package aims to offer an earlier version for a given release.


0. Introduction and Background

The trick is the order in which you install proprietary drivers. I pressed F10 to save settings and restarted. Originally Posted by frankbell What distro?

The description below has been applied to the STA driver but has been written before this. What are the steps to install Broadcom wireless drivers for a BCM43xx card? It can ssta a difference in the how-to. The issue with your wifi is that you are using the one forced by Ubuntu, but that does not work.

[SOLVED] How to install a driver for the Broadcom series of PCI wireless cards

Sorry for missing the reference in your subject line. After you’ve uninstalled bfwcutter reboot your computer.

Get Broadcom Wireless working on your lappy .