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On board connections for home and limit switches with 10K pullup resistor provided to each. Hopefully someone is still around to see this post but I have a question about the board and driver chips. Jun 24, , Remember Me Forgot Password? I’m considering ordering this kit. Page 1 of 19 1. Also included is a comprehensive instruction sheet which takes you step by step through the build.

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Another thing I’m worried about is the single-board setup.

Each resistor has a different value so choose carefully and double check the value with a magnifying glass. Postage Rates complete newbie with q’s about hobby cnc order Before I do anything stupid Remember Me Forgot Password?

3 axis HobbyCNC PRO Chopper Driver Board Kit

Vist my websites – http: As for a better heatsink, could I still make if from aluminum angle, just cut slots and holes in it for increased surface area, or do you mean a entirely new metal, and what do you recommend?


Mar 13, This kit contains a professionally done printed circuit with plated thru sxis and silk screen labels with jumper settings called out in plain sight.

Last edited by bgriggs; Jun 29, at Different types of SLAM? Im just wondering how hot the chips are supposed to become when just “idling the motors”.

Hobbycnc Pro 4 axis CNC Chopper Driver build step by step & more – RC Groups

Take your time building the Pro Board and you will be a happy camper. There is no special orientation to these parts. Motors do not react at all. The circuit board for the 3 axis kit and hobbbycnc 4 axis kits are the same. Kit suppliers for X2 conversions?

HobbyCNC PRO Chopper Driver Board Kit Q’s

Can change this time delay. Hobbycc don’t need more than about 1. Sort the resistors out and group them for placement. I need some help First Test!!

Phil, Still too many interests, too many projects, and not enough time!!!!!!!! Problem Machine suddenly stops Longer parallel cable or longer steper wires? Stationary motors will heat the sla’s more than when they are moving.


Lost final test instruction page Need Help! I will post some pictures of good solder joints as soon as I can take some. The kit includes all connectors, resisters, transisters, diodes etc, ect. Soldering the resister networks backwards is one of the most common mistakes made by first timers. Each one has a little white dot to indicate polarity. Why only v for foam cutting boards?

Apr 07, DROs work, motor does not. Before we get started we will need to gather up the proper tools to get the job done. Thanks for doing this! Resistor R15 is 6. Mine is assembled and passed the test.