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Buying Format see all. We do not have the necessary resources to test this unit. TV and Movies by Joan E. Gaming by Lori Grunin Dec 13, But this is, again, unlikely, so you get data protection, and two-thirds of the aggregate capacity of the drives in the array.

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It’s basically the opposite of partitioning. ATA66 took over smoothly from ATA33 as the standard motherboard fastest ATA mode all of the older modes are still supported by newer controllersand as the standard mode supported by drives as well; ATA has done the same thing, more recently.

Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. This isn’t Gb, of course.

Aus PC Market no longer stocks these cards, but they’ve got plenty of others! You set all of this up either with HighPoint’s normal press-Control-H-during-startup configuration utility, which is easy enough to use, or via a Windows program that makes array configuration a bit more graphical. You can get server motherboards with a couple of 64 bit 66MHz slots on them for only about twice the price of a normal consumer board, but RAID cards to suit them, and SCSI drives to suit themare what’ll break the bank.

But if you’re a hard drive manufacturer, you specify everything in nice round powers of ten, because that makes drives look bigger.

problem with Highpoint RocketRaid | Motherboard Forums

Neither, really, rocketrald ATA The maximum sustained transfer rate that a regular two-connector ATA RAID controller with just two decently fast striped drives, accessing their outer tracks, can possibly manage, is around the 70 megabytes per second mark; maybe a bit more.


You can’t actually move any ATA mode’s whole peak bandwidth worth of user data down the cable, thanks to the usual overheads, inefficiencies, taxes, fees and deductions.

Skip to main content. Lose either data drive and the remaining one, plus the data on the parity drive, gives you enough information to rebuild it. Show only see all. Solsman Dec 12, Another feature of better RAID 1 controllers is “hot swap”, which lets you remove and replace a dead drive without shutting down the system.

Highpoint RocketRAID 404 Ata133 IDE RAID Controller

So nobody’s getting ripped off. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. Upgrade to ATA in this situation and you’ll probably see a quite significant performance increase, for outer track accesses. ANY way, the Rocket S works fine with drives of unreasonable size, provided they don’t make your motherboard or operating system have a seizure, and that shouldn’t be a problem with any somewhat recent PC.

I don’t know whether I hate the marketing people more for the fact that they’ve created all this confusion, or for the fact that almost every time I controller about storage devices, I have to write at least a couple of paragraphs explaining why the things don’t actually have the capacity that’s on the label.


HighPoint RocketRAID 133 – storage controller (RAID) – ATA-133 – PCI

It doesn’t hurt to have it, though. Communication is the key to resolving problems. But if any drive in the stripe-set dies, you lose the data that was on it. Lose any two drives and you’re sunk.

Review: HighPoint RocketRAID and Rocket S IDE controller cards

What’s not to like. You canna change the laws o’ physics. Requesting an Updated Invoice. That’s the big feature here. But the physical drive mechanisms are far, far slower, and the buffers are very small compared with the drive capacity.

Not especially capable, but dirt cheap, included on many motherboards, and perfectly capable of just running four separate drives, with no RAID tomfoolery at all. We do not have the necessary resources to test this unit.

Mirroring is still perfectly sensible for data protection, and using RAID to get really big contiguous storage blocks is a valid aim too, but don’t expect Microsoft Office or Tribes 2 to suddenly accelerate to Warp 9.

Delivery Options see all. A petabyte or, more correctly, pebibyte