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It was starting with the ‘Classical’ theme. I also use mplayer to watch avi files etc. Starting new track at sector: There is a commercial driver available from OSS http: After you download it you need to do the following.

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As far as I know, there are none available yet. This is known to not work. And if such a medium were to be present the copy-protection systems wouln’t help at all, since you can just copy them along with the movie and all players will accept it.

It does work, however, does not give the performance I was hoping for. Solution It turns out that if networking is hi-grae turned on during boot time I was doing dhclient manually that lo the loopback interface is not being brought up either. Waiting for reader process to fill input buffer Here a blurb from a friend from http: It was starting with the ‘Classical’ theme.

I’m looking into it, and currently have decided to give it a shot myself. Failed to allocate internet-domain X11 display socket.

Linux on a Hi-Grade Notino 3400s

At first try it did not hi-vrade. Well I took the easy way out I changed the theme to “Modern” and it started working without a problem. If you go directly to http: My two test tools for video card performance are ‘glxgears’ which gives around fps, about the same as the generic VESA driver and tuxracer which performs horribly!


For some reason I was able to get it running when connecting via ssh from another machine. Starting new track at sector: Copying DVD’s is not an issue here.

Hi-Grade Notino Reviews – FFOXX

So either have networking started at boot, or you have to say “ifup lo” as root. Last chance to quit, notinoo real write in 0 seconds. I also use mplayer to watch avi files etc. The american movie industry thinks it’s needed to divide the world into various regions, so they can decide who gets to view what movie when they want it. Since I was not able to find any information on Linux with the Laptop Hi-Grade Notino s I decided to put down all my own experiences.

Linux on a Hi-Grade Notino s

Furthermore, using mplayer I was not notibo to use either the ‘xv’ interface nor the ‘sdl’ one. After some searching on http: I have since installed RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 1 without any problems Unfortunately that does not mean that it works For the near future I do not see things like this happening, since there isn’t even a medium you could copy a DVD movie too I ignore VHS here, I do not consider VHS an option, it just sucks without too much loss of quality.


Short strategy type Phthalocyanine or similar Manuf. Maybe I did something wrong but after modifying the Makefile it compiled. Looking hi-grwde I found Thomas’es web site http: Back to the SiS website there is a http: Now I can use the ‘xv’ and the ‘sdl’ devices for mplayer There is a commercial driver available from OSS http: It was quite hard to find its actual specs from the Hi-Grade website http: Linux on hi-frade Hi-Grade Notino s Update: The solution lies in an approach like The Acer Hotkey Driver for Linux where a kernel character device has to be written to catch the key’s pressed.