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Claus took a break from her busy schedule to attend! Very clean 2 bedroom 2 bath, private beach, screened porch. At first you needed training wheels to guide you but as you became more secure and confident, the training wheels came off and you could ride your bike by yourself. I will check on your house weekly to water plants, make sure all is OK, etc. Chairman Bangs said that washing hands is essential, and hands should be scrubbed long enough to recite the “Happy Birthday” song. This special crackdown began November 12 and marks the third seat belt enforcement mobilization across the state this year, designed to increase seat belt use and decrease motor vehicle fatalities. Chairman Bangs, who briefly attended the Open House, said it ”appeared to be very well run.

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DC Discs 8 Route 6 in Marioa phone: The reunion will be held on Friday, November 27, from granxvue Also survived by 6 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, many loving relatives and friends.

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Monteiro believed to be a conflict of interest in the case. The event will take place at the Elks Club at N.

They absorb everything and anything they hear, read, or see, and teachers and parents are the biggest role models in a child’s life. For more information, please visit www.

The book presents the legendary story of Babe Ruth and Johnny Sylvester, which resulted in the heart warming and now famous home-run in game 4 of the World Series. This year they are looking forward to getting back into their winning ways. If you need help muwes your Thanksgiving thankful, contact Damien’s Pantry If you have plenty to be thankful about, consider helping your neighbor in need. Report cards at the Junior High School went out on November She assisted during one of the first eye laser surgeries.


At one point, Damien’s Pantry supplied food to anyone who showed up during pantry hours.

The same one-day wine and malt liquor licenses for November for the Marion Art Genter were approved. Beth married Edward Hines geandvue and untilthe couple lived in Mattapoisett.

Westport-3BR reno’d home, convenient loca- tion. Both of these characters are certain to charm their audiences with their wonderful voices. Yet while the subject matter is restrictive to a certain age group, Mr.

Any person interested in purchasing any or all of this equipment may do so by sealed bid labeled ”Bid on Surplus Equipment”.

This is an annual fundraiser and all profits from the sale of these fresh IT’ wreaths will be used for the beautification of Marion. Paul Sardinha chose to bring Our Town to the stage.

For good old fashioned quality at reasonable prices, call the “Old Master Craftsman,” R. The second movie is sterner in tone, full of ethical brooding about who should be 8002 onto one of the seven big “arks” meant to preserve the best and brightest of humanity.

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Proceeds from the tour are used to support the Scholarship Awards program for Marion students seeking higher education. Entries by mail will not be eligible for Aardvark Points. McArdle stated trandvue all applications require a public hearing, which would be scheduled at the next Planning Board Meeting.


There are an average of six words per line. The District operates under the Design Guidelines that changes should be compatible with the building muess settings in the District. As the fall season is wrapping up, it’s time for winter sports to start up again.

Like news items, the deadline for photos is Monday at If you know of any classmates who have moved or married, please e-mail their information or pass this information along.

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If you know of a family who may truly need a basket, please ask them to call the Community Resources Network Office at beginning November 2. The team members are: New this year is a Teen Boutique with jewelry hand-crafted by parish teens, as well as themed gift baskets for the Faith Granndvue classes available at the Specializing In: Classes are limited, so call for muwes and to reserve space.

It is wonderful to reflect on the many young people who have benefited with scholarship funds earned from proceeds of the fair.