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Regardless, the S looks and feels as tough and solid as the magnesium-clad models. Getac calls it “water resistant,” but that really just means it can handle a spill onto its keyboard and perhaps a bit of rain. Display The Getac S’s inch display is large enough to allow working without squinting, and its There’s an optional optical drive, but no multi-purpose media bay. Target deployment for semi-rugged systems includes utilities, field service, public safety, as well as military applications and vehicle use. The S does have a small fan, but is fairly quiet and doesn’t warm up much.

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Overall, the Getac S is an excellent value that offers very good performance, long battery life, great connectivity, and enough ruggedness for many tasks in an elegant package that fits right into Getac’s lineup of tough and rugged machines. Its work surface is marked s40 a slightly raised border so that you can always feel where it starts and ends.

Rugged PC – Semi-rugged Notebooks: GETAC S

Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold conditions. The currently most popular way of making a notebook screen readable outdoors combines various optical treatments to control internal reflection with a strong backlight. What sets the S apart from a standard notebook qireless that it’s clearly built to be used outdoors and on the job.

To see full spec table for these three CPUs, see here. Below are the two machines in broad daylight in partial shade, and viewed from an angle.


Getac set itself the additional task of designing a computer that would clearly surpass its own and quite successful S The two mouse buttons are also properly sized, and they have a slightly rough powdercoat finish that provides just the right amount of grip. S spec sheet PDF.

Turning WiFi on hardly made a difference. There’s the very useful Snipping Tool, the Windows Journal ink processor, and you can use handwriting recognition via the Windows Input Panel. Again the high-gloss surface of the Gateway screen renders it unreadable due to reflections whereas the S’s matte display becomes more muted, but has no reflection issues. Send and receive secure email, Set up the browser for client identification, Sign Word macros, Encrypt individual files or entire folders, and Create secure network connections.

Intel Core iU, 2. Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty.


In essence, it is designed to be a more durable and more mobile alternative to the common consumer and corporate notebook computer. The display’s x pixel resolution is legacy by now, but just high enough for most work. On the left side of the unit top picture starting on the left are the fan vent with a garage for the 3.

It’s made for those whose laptops gftac more time on the road and outdoors than on desks, but within reason and not to the extreme. Its matte black and gun-metal gray color scheme is elegant, timeless, and exudes just the right degree of toughness. It’s a solid unit, weighing The S is available with optional nVidia GM discrete graphics, but our test unit did not include it. Security is always a concern and the S is loaded with advanced security features including a fingerprint scanner, TPM 1.


The picture below shows the Getac S with its bottom cover removed. While wirrless S’s optical drive is removable, the space where it sits cannot be used for other options as is the case in some of Getac’s other models.

We tested power draw by running our standard BatteryMon benchmark. The high scorers usually have discrete graphics in addition to the graphics integrated into the CPU or chipset.

Getac S positioning What is the Getac S and who needs it? Measured against the semi-rugged competition, the new Haswell-powered S is hetac state-of-the-art performancewise. It’s much quicker than fumbling getwc menus. The battery is a powerful Despite the relatively high watt thermal design power of the Core iM processor, the system apparently can make due without an additional heat sink in the form of a magnesium backplate as the B has.

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On the bottom of the S are two removable plastic covers. The S comes with plastic inserts for when the two card slots are not in use. Too much and battery life will take a substantial hit.