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Downloading Images from the Camera Never attempt to play this disk on an ordinary music CD player as it may produce extremely high noise levels that could damage your hearing or your audio equipment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Possibly a log or two to confirm that the firmware is the same as or different from the previous one? After one has gotten the raw photos to the computer, they need to be processed.

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Radio Shack FLATFOTO B User Manual | Page 51 / 52

Theodore Kilgore This SF. Dave, this is not the beginning of this thread, but I thought you might be interested. Radioshack Flatfoto camera, how to make work?

In reply to this post by Theodore Kilgore i have a modification suggestion for gphoto2 –debug output My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

This may take a few moments.

The $90 two megapixel FlatFOTO digital camera

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If there’s any other info I can provide, just ask, I’d like to get this working if possible. Host is Debian 3. It would be a good idea to review soldering. Each flahfoto is in a “command block wrapper” of length 31 bytes.



But that’s the kind of thing that teamwork is made of. Save and close all running programs and click Continue Installation. It likely has different USB ids. Flaftoto advice would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, if it is not the same camera, the situation would require the usual round of installing a USB logger on a machine running that other OS, to see how the thing functions.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Fri, 27 Jan I’m going to boot to Windows to collect some more information for this other guy.

As I said, I could not quite figure out how to go with this camera. Understandably, this does not work if the photos are in the camera’s internal storage. Here, whoever wrote the protocol for this camera pulled the commands out from a very dark place.

As I said, they could have pulled a real sneako on us and one flattfoto as well find out before getting too deep into things. Probably better now to start up with Plan B, which ought to be done in any case Keep the camera away from dust and dirt, and wipe it with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new.


This is the directory where all of the images downloaded from the camera will be stored. Add to my manuals Add. To find out more about Photo Impression 4.

Displaying downloaded images – Radio Shack FLATFOTO B-020405 User Manual

Fpatfoto All the modifications to the camera are done. Sorry, I did not find that, but only some debug output from gphoto2. Anyway, his camera uses a rather weird proprietary bastardization of the USB Mass Storage Bulk Transport protocol, and in addition the photos are compressed.

Theodore Kilgore OK, you probably seen my lsusb -v output on the camera, in my other post. Fatfoto, it seems to be the same camera. If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop using your camera.