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Provide the allowed or denied User Groups based on the selection in step 12, e. Novell eDirectory Configuration Steps. I found a TID that recommended getting the latest driver and I’ve done that but I’m still not having any success. Other Windows network configuration information is scattered across other databases such as the Windows registry , the domain name server , and specialized services such as the global catalog. Narrow your search by forum. Any ideas what we are doing wrong?

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You can’t delete your own events. During the eDirectory migration when exirectory downed the source edirectorg and tried to finish up with the destination server it did not complete. Honeymoon over as Perth Uber drivers find full-time wages hard to come by First they were viewed as undercutting cabbies, now it seems Uber drivers in Perth are being pitted against each other as the ride-sharing service A t tachments 2 Page History.

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Develop to eDirectory

The problem is, the table I am looking at has a lot of fields. You can’t edit other events. Does anybody has an experience with this kind of migration and could say what kind of problem we can expect? You can’t post topic replies. Exactly what type of Novel drivers do I need to install?


When Novell first designed their directory, they decided to edirectofy large amounts of their operational server data within the directory in addition to just user account information.

I tried dsrepairing our replica servers. The NDS tree view window will activate. Novell eDirectory Configuration Steps. SendRequest request, new TimeSpan 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 ; con.

ODBC Driver for eDirectory

As far as re-creating the project, this was done in a script component in the SSIS package which handles the objects differently than in a standard C project. Or, are there any tools that could get the contents of eDirectory and put it in AD so we could query it? Does anybody know how I can edirector the driver to return the whole table?

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Linking eDirectory to other Database(s)

We are part way there. Write “Name search successful.

You can’t edit other topics. Retrieved from ” https: What query are you using? As a result, a typical Novell directory contains a large pool of additional objects representing the servers themselves and any software services running on those servers, such as LDAP or email software.


NetIQ eDirectory

Expand all Collapse all. I narrowed it do From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is additional information in the eDirectory docs under “Enabling non-standard schema output. The file migration went fine, the backup of trustess went fine.

I found a TID that recommended getting the latest driver and I’ve done that but I’m still not having any edirectlry.

We created a DSN on the workstation for the server we want to pull data from. Since it isn’t searchable that we foundour best solution was to do it in the SSIS package as described above. I developed a driver eDir-to-eDir to sync users in this two trees. Ediectory page was last modified on 9 Mayat You can post emoticons.