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Remove the ribbon take-up roll in front so that you can see the metal print head. Make sure that the ribbon unrolls from the back of the source roller on the underside of the print carriage. Even duringseparatedlocations, where vitalitymay not be accessib Often, this is the result of a battery problem. Main unit was not working so uncertain if the pulled parts are in working condition. If you are still unable to print, please contact our support team for help. Wait about five seconds, and turn the printer on again.

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If the error returns, continue to Step 2. How to Clean DuraLabel Kodiak.

Simply restart the computer to correct this. All Downloads Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs.

At that point, turn off the printer, give it about ten seconds, and turn it back on again.

DuraLabel Pro, DuraLabel Pro Locking Mechanism, Supply Locking

Otherwise, there are some settings to correct, which takes only a little longer. Turn off the printer, open the lid, and push the lever to raise the print head. Turn off the printer, and wait about five seconds. If you have run out of label stock, load a new roll. Thank you for your help with getting me on the right track! printrr

The supply type selected here needs to match the supply type that you are using: Graduate into an industrial labeling system today.

Call today to find out how to start saving more on your Duralabel Pro supplies. Similar terms for DuraLabel, Brady, or LabelTac printers or supplies may be used to denote compatibility or for general reference.


If you purchased a DuraLabel Pro, the “orange printer”, we have solutions for you that will let you use your DuraLabel Pro printer the way you want to!

Printer Support – Drivers, Manuals & More | Graphic Products

Continuous a roll of uninterrupted label stock Black Mark a roll of pre-printed label printeg, with a black mark on the backing between labels Die-Cut a roll of pre-cut labels, ready to peel off one by one If this setting was already correct, then vuralabel the Calibrate button to have Toro feed some of the label stock through and re-adjust its internal sensors.

Use the arrow keys here to set the time and date accurately.

No software are included with any systems. If your label design is in DuraSuite, apply the changes, reopen your label, and use the Print Special option to retry printing.

DuraLabel Pro 300 Thermal Transfer Industrial Label Printer

Wipe down the white roller in the back of the system, and anywhere else that you can see dust or paper fibers collecting. It will feed out some ppro stock during this process; once it stops, you can safely open the printer, unlatch the print head, and roll the label stock back in. Apply a pressure to the top of the cartridge with one hand while turning the knob with the other hand.

If you are still unable to print, please contact our support team for help. Read the fine pprinter The DLP provides dots per inch of high-definition printing so that lines are sharper, small print is easier to read and images are more saturated than cheaper printers with dpi.


This antenna emits radio waves, much like microwaves, that pass through the vinyl and activate the hidden chip inside. Whether you’re printing half-inch labels, wire wraps, or four-inch wide high-visibility signs, your message will resist chemicals, abrasion and smears.

After checking the supply loading, close the lid. Get in touch with ISS for more information on these options by calling today.

Then, turn your Lobo back on again. If not, then continue to the next step. Then, set the Print Speed to 2 inches per second. That tells us which version of the printer you have. If the printer still does not respond normally, please contact our support team dura,abel help. Press the feed button, right next to the light. The printer may also print out pr labels that you were waiting for. Lobo is trying to save your label design onto an optional SD card, but the card is not being red properly and may be missing.

If you are still not able to print normally, please contact our support team for help.