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Avid’s older hardware, as far as I know, never officially supported third-party software. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about Avid’s driver support for their hardware. Do you have xp pro or home? I’m really sorry to put it this way, but there’s nothing we can really do about this. I ended up with two Dimension Synths, one worked and the other had no audio output. Shame on both companies for not letting thier customers know about this issue I’ll check in later this evening when I’m at that computer.

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Can you check to see if it works with protools?

Do I need to somehow delete the rest first? Hopefully we can help you narrow it down. The Digi, Digi and Digi have already been sent off to be smelted down for there rqck. I’ll try moving those from the C drive and run a fresh install of Reaper.

The software synths sound incredible I work with reaper and pro tools and I would say this is a bug in reaper. Not being able to close the window and being forced racm do a new start is weird. User Control Panel Log out.

Back to the topic at hand Still the same issue – when I go to the input and output parameters, there is nothing there. Rather than tell them to go ef themselves and lose the work, I bought PT and just export their projects out, and load dogi into Sonar. Then restart the pc and when the windows hardware plug and play screen comes up to install, go ahead with that install.


They will never let you leave. I have yet to record a single note into this software. You just will not be able to use your Digi with Sonar.

You got the Digi installed without the iLok driver blue-screening your computer s. I downloaded all the digj which took forever and ran the installer and that was it.

I can’t blame sonar, I know that much. Funny how Avid didn’t even know they had them.

Originally Posted by mj23 Steve – When I go to the dropdown for input and output, nothing shows up. Do you get the FW driver in the Asio driver list? There are many different soundcards out there that work just fine with X Los Angeles, CA Status: If it requires something that Blue-screens the computer, it is useless. You can have both interfaces connected to your system at the same time, so that shouldn’t rwck a problem.

Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware. | Cakewalk Forums

This is contrary to most pro tools advice, but it works. My computer devices for sound show the Digidesign rack as active. That is their limitation and not ours. I found a thread where someone was commenting how they got some other software working with digi rack by downloading the pro tools version 9 updates, even though they didn’t have that version and don’t use PT. Now, like I said, I had all the same issues as you.


Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware.

Now I’m on to figuring out a good qsio plug in to use And overall it runs as well as Pro Tools or better. Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems I ended up with two Dimension Synths, one worked and the other had no audio output. I’m really sorry to put it this way, but there’s nothing we can really do about this.

That was easy to fix.