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Just go to your nearest Dell Store and ask for that card and how to insert it to your computer or they will insert it to your computer if you brought the laptop. Was this answer helpful? Some places, like coffee shops and libraries, may provide free wifi. What is the SIM card slot under the battery of my inspiron used for? How can i use sim card in inspiron dell after inserting in slot?

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SIM Card slot on a DELL Laptop?

I pressed this button by accident. You will know when it is unlocked when you hear a little tune. How to use sim card in dell inspiration ? SIM cards are used in sm phones to identify the user to the network. It does not make sense. Forit has nice keyboard and touch pad, and attractive design.

It is for internet facility they give a sim slot in your laptop. This answer closely relates to:. The following questions have been merged into this one.


What would you like iinspiron ask? I have a sim card innspiron in my dell latitude e, as i am just a beginner i need to know the use of sim card in laptop. Anonymous “Why my dell inspiron got sim card slot under Laptop sim card slot on dell latitude E?

This is NOT abusive. The range can be 30 to meters. Why my dell inspiron got sim card slot under battery? No need to install drivers like broadband.

Me to same problem. Which one looks good either dell inspiron or dell inspiron ?

SIM Card slot on a DELL Laptop? | Yahoo Questions/RĂ©ponses

We need your help! Hello how can i use sim card slot in laptop dell inspiron ? It contains or requests illegal information. Please do this at your own risk and if you have successful experience in assembly and dis-assembly of computers Delk is a manual that might help: The SIM is in the air card.

Unfortunately, the bluetooth features in your laptop is rell and you can have that kind of feature if you bought a Bluetooth Driver Card from Dell. The E has the SIM card slot hidden in the battery compartement, so just pull out the battery and there you will see it.


For prices, depends where you get it but for comparison – www.

It is cheap but can be a fast laptop already. Suggested Solutions 10 What’s this? How sim card works on dell inspiron ?

How to use the SIM Card slot on a dell laptop. Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them deol this question.

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Some places, like coffee shops and libraries, may provide free wifi. Votre pc se fige et freeze pour rien? It’s for mobile broadband if the provider requires you to use a SIMcard along with the wireless adapter.

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