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Our Roland is about 17 years old, and still works like the day we got it. Give me a call as I have some questions and ideas that may point us in the right direction. Craft ROBO Pro is a desktop sized cutting plotter ideal for serious hobbyists, as well as professionals looking for a compact and portable solution. Is this the cutter you have? Craft Robo Templates Download Horse.

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Graphtec Craft ROBO Pro – Professional Craft Cutter

No reviews for this product. Sep 1, 1 e30cabrio New Member 2 0 0 Mar 5, New blade, fresh teflon strip, it worked fine about a week ago, and will still orbo fine every now and then. Craft Robo Templates Download weldedbaby Transfer it to T-shirt with heat press machine if it is a stickeraffix it to the selected object straightly.

They said that a lot of people assume 60 degree is needed for intricate work but they think we should stick with It is out of warranty I am sure. It is is perfect for all kinds of media cutting applications including vinyl, heat and image transfer media, contour cut stickers, labels, wrappers, gift tags, and scrapbooking, architectural modeling, stencil cutting for paint masking and etching masking, plus many others applications.


Because aren’t there more than 30 MM x Inch?

Buuuut I just ordered myself the flexi starter 8. Florentine Leaf Metallic Series. This sensor enables the cutter to detect registration marks on printed images for precise contour cutting around the design. Siser ColorPrint Soft Opaque. I have another dilema March 6th, Mar 6, 6: Same Day shipping for orders placed by 4: All times are GMT I think I have to upgrade to the newer version of flexi but darn!

New ce50000-40-crp, fresh teflon strip, it worked fine about a week ago, and will still work fine every now and then.

Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Ce5000-40-crp Cutting Plotter

Windows 8 Support for Graphtec Cutters Graphtec would like to announce the release plan for Windows 8 compatible drivers and application software for Graphtec products. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

T-Shirt Maker Business Package. High Gloss Prk Film Series. Saint Charles, Illinois Office Hours: Sbrem Gonzo Member Posts: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Craft Robo Templates Download valentine cutaway. March 02, I lowered the cut depth from what the old 45 was just like you said Homer, “one at a time” LOL and now it is working better The driver and application software will be tested sequentially with the Windows 8, and it will be updated if ce5000-4-crp is necessary.


My CE5000-40-CRP (Craftrobo PRO) is cutting very strange (PICS INSIDE)

I guess in a smaller more precise situation at “taller” blade would stay out of the way and make the turns better. I need to be yelled at when it comes to this cutter. All other international orders MUST be paid via a wire transfer.

Steve I researched a great deal before making this decision. An LCD display with interactive operation and easy-to-use operation buttons.

It just picks up on the vinyl and mashes it all together and then we have to try and sort it all out or recut it.