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As these documents can be very large there is a de-duplicated display format BRIEF containing the most essential information on the national patent family: Gebiet der Erfindung [] Die Erfindung betrifft eine Nockenwellenverstelleinrichtung mit einem Nockenwellenversteller, umfassend einen Stator, einen gegenueber dem Stator um eine Rotationsachse relativ verdrehbaren Rotor und eine am Another way is to use selected search fields, e. Every content that appears repeatedly in the patent family is displayed only once. The invention is further directed to methods of generating plants with an altered oil content phenotype. When they change to their new name the database producer does not automatically assign a new standard code but the most suitable code is chosen either a new code or one of the old codes. For all answers retrieved in a search e.

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To allow a quick survey of the patent family there are non-redundant de-duplicated display formats. CPC Scheme and Definitions: These words become unavailable for searching this way, even if used in a string search.

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A small number of documents have no text at all due to errors in the scanning process. Nockenwellenverstelleinrichtung 19 nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass wenigstens zwei der Abstandselemente 64 in axialer Richtung zueinander versetzt angeordnet sind.

The codes vary between patent offices and even the description text may change over time. The data of 95 patent organizations including EP und WO are covered. Full-text display of German patents, patent applications and utility models: As the text may be in German, French or Spanish these languages should be considered. Government has conexabt paid-up license in this invention and the right in limited circumstances to require the patent owner to license others on reasonable terms as provided for by the terms of SP D CLIN and HQ C awarded by Defense Logistics Agency.


Broadcom Trusted Platform Module 1. It comprises sharp cutters disposed on the upper surface of the flat base and encircling each circular aperture, thus the strainer 14 may function as a grater.

A further publication e. STN Messenger accepts these systems: The databases are differently suitable for patent statistics.

The following HIT display formats show the publication number used for the search: Until Derwent weeka maximum of 24 letters were used. Sinnvoll sind auch Ausfuehrungsvarianten mit der Moeglichkeit zur Auftriebsregulierung.

Using the result of L3, further analysis is to be done. G fields and specifications of the document type DT field and the national classification NCL field are updated or amended.

Beispiele [] Die Erfindung wird im folgenden durch Ausfuehrungsbeispiele naeher beschrieben. If the applicant name changes, e.

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This catalyst comprises a support substrate, and a catalyst layer formed on the support substrate and including a noble metal, a porous oxide, and a Bi–Ti composite oxide, and satisfies 0.


Searches using formal data numbers: Click the Start button and then click Run. Foreign proper names are converted according to their pronunciation into Japanese syllable writing Katakana. It is only with an appropriate search result that a meaningful result can be obtained with the statistics tools. Search by number publication number, reference number Search by the International Patent Classification U All family members: This is reflected in the new list: The patent family size may also influence the statistics result.

There may be such a patent on account of an application in another country. The empirical formula and the reference to Fig. The numbers are standardized when the documents are entered into the database, which means that the three-letter code for the responsible patent office is shortened to two letters and the number is padded with zeros to five digits: There are some databases that provide the Full Text for patents. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver.

Publication numbers of applications INA until consist of the two-letter code IN and a serial number of up to 6 digits: