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Not sure what this is. OMA audio looks back at gramophone design for imperia horn series the midrange horn uses the cogent field coil compression driver. System source equipment, speaker crossover, and the Cogent compression drivers are all different from that used in Las Vegas. Steve turned out to be extremely cordial and helpful. However, in both the lower and upper frequency ranges solid state amplifiers perform admirably. Here we see the mouth of the subwoofer horn in which lies the subwoofer’s amplifier.

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You need lots of control and power. I think one of the original motivating factors for the Cogent design was that P. The high frequency horn is a conical design from The Acoustic Horn company. The throat of the upper horn.

6moons audio reviews: Hornographic Pursuits I

The radial slits are cut to great accuracy with a wire EDM machine, a difficult and expensive process. Signs on the Bad Boyz Benevolent Association clubhouse.

Field Coil Compression Drivers. The front of my unity horn speakers this polish company produces a real wealth of horns for diy projects or ready to go assemblies we counted. Cummins Inline 5 Drivers. The drivers we were hearing were the Cogent field coil compression drivers which are modern devices inspired by the rare and wonderful RCA field coil theater compression drivers. Like all sonic phenomena, it was basically indescribable. A DS field-coil bass compression driver with, on top.


Configure mp csv cod4 mw. The likes of Cogent, G.

Source and Prices for Field Coil Compression Drivers

Yes, basically it ate up most of the Saturdays and Wednesday evenings of The horns and subwoofer unit are using the same physical enclosures as that seen at CES in Las Vegas. The sheaf of papers included callouts for various images. Old horn designs from yesteryear.

Now a few pictures of the modest system we used for the demo. The Imperia is a four way fully horn loaded system, with a vertical array of conical horn uses the incomparable Cogent DS field coil compression driver.

Here we see another view that shows both the low-frequency driver, on top facing down into the lower horn, and the high-frequency driver, on the back of the top horn. These are, according to many horn experts. The refined crossovers while good, still did not let the Cogent’s sing like they should. System source equipment, speaker crossover, and the Cogent compression drivers are all different from that used in Las Vegas.

The difference is that this was—in the best sense— more indescribable. I used two inexpensive Chinese bench power supplies to drive the field coils using separate supplies for the bass and midrange drivers. In my system I ended up again preferring a solid state amp.


Cogent Field Coil Horn Speakers

I have for sale a pair of the fabulous, world-class Cogent DS field coil compression drivers. Upper and lower horns. Crossovers The cogent horns arrived in my listening room with a simple HZ crossover network that had not yet been optimized.

I liked the nuggets. You could say that we are partners in crime. Everybody has to have their wall of LPs Except us. Like the bass driver, this driver also requires both a signal, just like ordinary cone drivers, and an fie,d power source to energize the electromagnet, unlike ordinary cone compredsion that use a large magnet. The DS upper range can be mated to their DS bass unit.

For the mid-bass in my case Hz tubes do reasonably well, but in my system a good solid state amp was preferred.