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The software runs sometimes sits for a minute or so then resumes but once it gets going its fine. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Blue Room technical forum: But there is no Dropbox link. Log in or sign up in seconds. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Not a bad deal. Can anyone say any reason to purchase specifically the Chamsys entttec dongle, vs the Enttec Pro dongle?

Due to the venue being part of a university building not my uni, but anothers I cannot even go near a step ladder and check what is on the end of that cable or examine the lights myself they are 12 battered looking par cans but it enytec all work bar one blown bulb.

Blue Room technical forum: Chamsys & Enttec Driver Problem – Blue Room technical forum

Press ‘add’ then ‘remove devices’ at the bottom. Please note this is all the kit I have available to me, anything else will need to be bought before the show tomorrow evening.

Tom Baldwin, on 05 December – Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Submit a new link.


Blue Room technical forum: ENTTEC Wings with Chamsys software – Blue Room technical forum

Board –Blue Room IP. I wondered why the blue LED on the box didnt change But there is no Dropbox link. This was on a post I had a few days ago, I will say it works but you cannot connect back to wifi with the enttec connected after you successfully install the new driver. Blue Room Technical Forums Limited.

I am running from the 3-plug breakout cable on it through DMX1 out 5-pin femalethrough a neutrik 5 pin male to 3 pin female converter and into a 3 pin male which snakes up to the lights above the stage. Community Forum Software by IP.

This is where my knowledge becomes a bit hazy Want to add to the discussion? If you want to use the USB dongle you just have to downgrade to 1. I personally have the unlimited Chamsys dongle. Either make up a 3 pin cable yourself and insert it inline with your MagicQ rigor borrow a phase change cable from any tame soundies you can find. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Chamsys – ENTTEC compatibility : lightingdesign

Submit a new text post. I might have an addiction. Delete From Topic The post will be eenttec from this topic completely. Any reason to purchase Chamsys dongle vs Enttec Pro? If you can afford it, buy the Enttec cgamsys the more expensive Chamsys dongle. Is your dimmer rack indicating that it is receiving good DMX? Here is the site, just click “CDM Uninstaller” and it will bring you down the page to the download link.


Problems with MagicQ using ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro mk2 – Blue Room technical forum

The Enttec can be used with other software, while the Chamsys can’t. Welcome to Reddit, the front page enrtec the internet. Always consult properly trained personnel when making any decisions on rigging, construction methods, or other areas of production technology that involve risk to life and property.

I have ran the robedemo sample shows that were suppled and I have had fun playing around with them in the visualiser version. Submit a new link. Also, I don’t like the flimsy micro USB cable powering it – very easy to come out. Two things chamsya check: