SCSI and RAID Devices


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If this occurs, clean the print head according to the following procedure. The [Enlarge Display] key The [Enlarge Display] key Press this key to enter Enlarge Display mode and enable machine operation using a screen with a layout with larger-size characters. Place the IC card on the authentication unit, and click the [Start reading]. If only account track settings are configured, up to 1, accounts can be registered. Basic copy operations Basic copy operations The following procedures describe how to set the original and the basic copy operations. If [Standard] is se- lected, normal stabilization is per- formed during warm-up processing when a change in the absolute humid- ity has been detected during warm-up processing. Green Function that adjusts the level of green in the image, for example, if you wish to emphasize the green of forests and trees.

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Left Panel Display Left panel display Left panel display In the left panel of the basic settings screen, you can view the job list and the job status information. The auto zoom setting and the auto paper setting c652/c625ds/c552/c552ds/c452 be selected at the same time. When the message “Trouble” appears call a service representative Unplug the machine. Application Mirror Image Copy originals as mirror images. Place your finger on the authentication unit to scan the finger vein pattern.

For details on compact keyboards, contact your serv- ice representative.


For details, c652/c652ds/c5552/c552ds/c452 to page Settings Year Configure the current date and time. Page Troubleshooting table Description of problem Check points Remedy The image is printed at an angle Is the original positioned correct- Correctly position the original against the document scales. Click the [Export to the device].


Press the [Enlarge Display] key to return to normal display. System Settings System Settings Configure the basic functions of this machine.

Configure whether to au- tomatically select the account assigned to the user during logging in. Open the upper door.

Registered Overlay Application Settings Composition Transparent Composes overlay image to be superimposed and increases the brightness of the image. The device name entered under the Input Machine Address may not be supported by your operating system. Original Setting Original Setting Original Setting Configure the original status or original direction for outputting desired copies.

If the problem is not corrected after the described operation is performed, contact your service representative. Register Authentication Information Register Authentication Information Register Authentication Information Register or delete the biometric authentication information or IC card authentication information about the registered users.

c652/c652ds/c552/c552vs/c452 Settings Original Type Select the original type text and image type to obtain better copy quality. Multiple 2, 4 or 8 pages of original images can be reduced in size and printed on a single page. For details, refer to the “User’s Guide [Print Operations]”.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C452 C552 C652 Main Drive Unit Assembly A0P0R70700

Press an item to select an overlay image and configures its setting. Press [1 General Settings]. When the message “Trouble” appears call a service representative If this message appears, perform the operation described in the message.


Press [8 Authentication C652/c652ds/5c52/c552ds/c452 Settings]. The [Access] key Using the machine during non-scheduled hours The machine can be set to automatically enter Sleep mode according to a usage schedule determined by the administrator so the use of the machine can be limited. If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the print head If the print head becomes dirty, print quality may be reduced. If print quality is deteriorated If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the electrostatic charger wire If the electrostatic charger wire is dirty, streaks will appear though the printed images.

User Settings cannot be initialized all at once. Paper Maintenance Paper 8. User registration To register a user with Data Administrator, connect the authentication unit to the USB port of the computer, and also connect the computer to this machine via network. The installation program starts. Chapters Application Chapters When making 2-sided copies, the pages specified as the first page of a chapter can be printed on the front side of the paper.

For example, if you set Overlay to copy three original pages, two pages are output, including “a merged image of the first and second pages” and “a merged images of the first and the third pages”.

The following procedure describes how to load paper into Large capacity unit LU Table Of Contents 5.