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Systems with these GPUs. In addition to the benchmarks named in the text above, the Radeon HD M was subjected to even more tests that you can see in the following chart to find out the graphics settings just drag the cursor over the corresponding value. According to Eurocom, the current Bios version clears up this problem. In the gaming benchmarks, we once again pitted the Radeon HD M against the top model from AMD as well as the current high-end contender from Nvidia. Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. As far as your goals are concerned, the M is around the same power as a GTX , which I can guarantee you will not be able to fraps solidly at that resolution. These mobile graphics cards are just not up to scratch.

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AMD Radeon HD M – Tech

The high level besf tessellation requires even high-end graphics cards to give it all they’ve got, although Nvidia’s GeForce series GPUs have done comparatively better in the past. The game stands out not only through its sharp textures and high level of detail, but also through its incredibly high toll on hardware.

After completing all tests, the verdict is: Max Payne 3 As a result, the card is only suited for large laptops with good cooling solutions. What is the GPU value for money rating? Bench your build Size up your PC in less than a minute. Insanely higher bewt share.


Our test showed the UVD3 to perform very well in playing back H. Despite the densely detailed world of Mafia 2, the long awaited sequel didn’t quite meet expectations.

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops.

Review AMD Radeon HD 6970M Graphics Card

Eurocom, for example, states that the TDP ranges from about Watts. Call of Juarez Benchmark Originally Posted by DarkXale.

Radeon HD M Crossfire compare. It will play wow fine though, since that’s an old game with low requirements. How it works – Download and run UserBenchMark. What is the UBM value for money rating?

Radeon HD M Can Run PC Game System Requirements

In order to minimized the influence of the CPU on the results, we chose very high graphics settings as well as besf full-HD resolution x for the gaming tests. A substantial downside of the Radeon HD M is its high energy consumption: The 3DMark 06 benchmark has been on the market for quite a 697m and therefore presented no challenge to the Radeon HD M. Half Life 2 – Lost Coast Benchmark SPECviewperf 11 – Ensight x The game scores some points through with its built-in benchmark, with which we tested its performance with high detail settings on, 16x AF at a resolution of x All times are GMT.


You won’t be able to play on high settings with that. If you’re feeling bold and curious, you can tinker with the overclocking function ” Overdrive “, available in CCC. Reflection High dynamic range lighting Teapot. The Radeon HD comes in as a close fourth with Risen doesn’t quite offer cutting-edge graphics, but with high details on, 4x AF and a resolution of xit still requires some powerful hardware.

A iMac specific review also performs a few tests. Despite being over three years old, this first person shooter still impresses with its excellent graphics even today. Even the m will be under 20fps on high settings with no AA, never mind ultra. Under heavy use, the Radeon HD M really shows its greedy nature.

To really see what the Radeon HD M can vest, we set the graphics to very high, with 4x antialiasing and 8x anisotropic filtering on. Force Splatted Flocking Swarm