SCSI and RAID Devices


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So, my question for you is: Open a new Terminal and use bfwcutter to extract and install the firmware: Note that STA is highly recommended Original obsolete bug description: Call it a coincidence, I don’t know. TraceyC grrlgeek wrote on I am using STA for my wireless card Back to top STA – No Internet access If you do not have any other means of Internet access on your computer, you can install the bcmwl-kernel-source package from the restricted folder under..

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It started to take ages to connect, and failing authentication i use WPA. I saw both the STA and the b43 drivers in Jockey.

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information This is a problem in the STA drive itself, though. Boot and login successful. I cannot reproduce this.

en/users/Drivers/b43 – Linux Wireless

Base Board Asset Tag dmi. Is there another step to resync or reset or something?

Repeat several times, purging complete removal via synaptic each time. The bcmwl-kernel-source package staa automatically blacklist the open source drivers so that the STA driver is the only one in use.


The first is the firmware-b43legacy-installer package. I used to have the exact same problem, on my dell mini 9 with BCM Upon reboot, b43 driver is now gone from jockeythough STA driver appears in jockey.

wl – Debian Wiki

I had to manually install from the USB Key:. Did you disable the b43 driver? Broadcom WLAN found core revision 16 [ This fix will work for most of you. It’s bcmwl-kernel- source, not bcwml-kernel- source.

Please give detailled steps of how you installed, what you did, what you see screenshots appreciatedand whether you have had a network connection during the time when you installed jockey. Unfortunately for me it worked perfect the first day. Click activate on STA v43, and jockey goes through the motions password input, says it’s downloading and installing, etc. But on Gnome, the wireless went crazy.

b43 and b43legacy

After all I did a couple of things: The computer froze when trying to configure it with wicd, but after a reboot, everything worked. When attempted to activate, it did not activate.


Wireless connectivity is broken. This bug was fixed in the package jockey – 0. TraceyC grrlgeek wrote on Also, I was having intermittent losses of connection with the B43 driver. Is this issue supposed to be resolved now?

See Also Wireless Troubleshooting Guide https: Unable to activate Broadcom b43 after STA driver If you’re using a liveCD, then your media path will be different. Just asking ahead of time so i dont do something unnecessary and end up spending time to put it back.

I just tried that here, with faking jockey to think that my system has a broadcom wifi I don’t actually have one.