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Set the max write batch size of the transaction journal When set using Xbean, values of the form “20 Mb”, “kb”, and “1g” can be used. Set’s the interval at which warnings about producers being blocked by resource usage will be triggered. In this example, the parameter type is CharacterStreamFromDocument, so the parameter value is not required; instead, the value is taken from the primary document. Enter the database name: The query does not have to return a value to operate.

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Enables or disables the default setting of whether or not consumers have their messages dispatched synchronously or asynchronously by the broker. The stats message is a MapMessage populated with statistics for the target. What is your job function? The following coding and IT boot camp facts and statistics provide an introduction to the changing trends in education and training programs.

By default this class uses the sname name for both the inbound and outbound queue. Only used for an Oracle database, this tells the software how many times to retry if it receives an ORA error in certain situations. Maximum size of the database pool. CharacterStream is used to insert or update data to the database that is in process data. To insert data to the database or to update the database using the CharacterStream or CharacterStreamFromDocument values, there are two new query types: Gets the maximum delay that is inserted between each attempt to connect before another attempt is made.


Lightweight Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) adapter

Policy object that controls how a TransportConnector publishes the connector’s jcbc to the outside world. Valid values are the hour and minutes at which to run the service, daily. If the Lightweight JDBC adapter configuration starts a business process, create the business process prior to configuring the adapter.

Each database that the application supports handles binary objects differently. Runs by a schedule or business process. Run based on day s of the month Valid values are the day of the month including the last day of the month LDOMhour, and the minutes at which to run the service. This behavior can be overridden however by using the setter methods to configure axikn the inbound and outboud queue names separately.

The tag names are generated by the column name returned in the result set.

Database of Databases – Axion

The default value is false which means to block the send method until space becomes available. The following examples are for a UNIX environment. This allows for a way to evict idle consumers while also aborting slow consumers however for a network subscription this can create a lot of unnecessary churn and if the abort connection option is also enabled this can result in the entire network connection being torn down and rebuilt for no reason.

By default the bridge uses the same name for both the inbound and outbound queues, however this can be altered by using the public setter methods to configure both inbound and outbound queue names. Schedule Information about scheduling the Lightweight JDBC adapter configuration to run and to start the specified business process.


A network connector which uses a discovery agent to detect the remote brokers available and setup a connection to each available remote broker. Do not use schedule If this field is selected, this service does not start a business process and does not run on a schedule. Which topic are you interested in? The following example using the GPM illustrates a business process that uses the Lightweight JDBC adapter to delete customer information from a database.

Manages the thread pool for long running tasks. Any number less than will cause the default of milliseconds to be used. Sets the eviction strategy used to decide which message to evict when the slow consumer kdbc to discard messages.

This allows us to keep dispatching messages to slow consumers while not blocking fast consumers and discarding the messages oldest first. This service can be scheduled to run at weekly or timed intervals. The number of retries is configurable by changing the externalDBPoolRetries property in the noapp.

It must be in valid SQL syntax. This function causes the application to test the database connection before attempting to use it and revives idle connections.

This value corresponds to the value return in the databasePool.