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All of the amplifiers in the series use dual toroidal transformers, dual power switches and dual line cords. Big one feeds 4ch, sm feed 3ch. High-current, bi-polar and ThermalTrak output transistors insure optimized performance in real-time. I’m reading that some people are commenting the series is overly bright. I haven’t been able to really put it through its paces, because I still don’t have the power situation squared away in my media closet. If there series is anything like there series you can’t loose. Originally Posted by smitty

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With the ATI Signature in the system, the Teldec recording presentation was spot on, recreating just right amount of layered stage depth, in the correct scale and semi circled seating arrangement as any typical orchestra should. I’ve sent an e-mail to ATI but haven’t heard back yet.

I’m feeding it 20 amps too. On the ATI website they say in the documentation that “2 independent 20 amp circuits should be used for greater sustained output power than is possible from a single AC circuit”. Anyone know of this. I just replaced my Halcro amps with 60×0 of the ATs and noticed a significant improvement in sound clarity and depth.


Article by WL Low.

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AVS Forum articles Contests. I plan to hook up the amp for the 7 main channels, and use the Denon for the heights 7.

You should be good to go but you need to ensure your outlets have 20 amp sockets as the plugs are different between 15 and 20 amp recepticals. All matched to within 1db.

AT series amplifiers are “best in class”. Originally Posted by mry As you may recall, the ATI X Signature series are built from modular amp boards, designed to be slotted in to one amp chassis between 2 and 7 channels to suit HT system configurations.

Is there a big step up from the 2 to the 6 series? I reviewed about the ATI Signature power amp just a few months ago.

I have no doubt at all about recommending these zti boxes for HT use. I also use the Parasound A21 and A Also I wonder with modules right against each other increases each other.

ATI RADEON X600 – graphics card – Radeon X600 – 128 MB

Get in touch Email: If you can afford series do it. I should have the necessary outlets installed in the next few days. These amplifiers use a revised PCB layout. I’ll be working on my Atmos speakers this weekend.


ait Leaving that all in place at the old house until GoT afi over on Sunday night! The only gripe that I had with it was wishing it could just be somewhat smoother on the top end, a. AT Multi Channel Amp – rear view. DS, That’s what I was thinking. Double-sided, FR-4 glass-epoxy, computer-grade boards are assembled in-house.

I haven’t been able to really put it through its paces, because I still don’t have the power situation squared away in my media closet. I waited patiently while I kept myself busy on other fronts like photography for instance.

Originally Posted by Stereojeff. The view from the top looks more filled up inside with more channels in the box. Did you come to a decision? In my there are one big TR and one smaller TR.