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Since the cabinetry was beautifully done, I decided to yank the drivers and gut the cabinets of the Karlson couplers. I do have a maintenance sheet describing my method of re-aligning the voice coil. In turn, I set it on my workbench, connected a little T-Amp and a 20 Hz test tone and within three minutes had it realigned. MLTL’s are a different story because there is actual engineering that went into those designs. Just download a copy of WinISD a speaker box design program , plug in your favorite pair of woofers Thiele-Small parameters and it will spit out the proper box size including dimensions and the port size. This should add to the continuity one hears from the Lowther since the driver is loaded the same front and back.

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Due to popular demand, I have posted the maintenance instructions on my website Lowther Maintenance Instructions.

Both rear and front horn loading. Read into this what you want but after finishing my latest tweaks to this setup, a couple of local audiophile buds invested in the Lowther A series of drivers and a third just scored a pair of PM6Ts Ticonals from Jon Ver Halen.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

Over the years and all of the speakers I’ve heard, these are the ones that have brought me the closest to the illusion of actually being there. Lowther DX4 rubbing voice coil – zuki You may get to the point where you want to throw the whole assy in the garbage, but just step back for awhile and try again after you’ve had a rest. Sorry to respond so late.


As much as I tried to like the sound of this particular pair of Karlsons, I couldn’t wrap my head around their sound. Inexpensive Lowthers in vented boxes are just a bad idea on a whole host of levels though there are some who absolutely love them. This, while using outdated long interconnects that had to have detracted from the sound.

The systems were similar with most equipment the same and was very favorably impressed with the sound. These are guys who have either: Lowther DX4 rubbing voice coil, posted on December 4, at As many know Dick Olsher offers his formula and plans for the Basszilla.

I still have a house full of multi-way speakers that I listen to and enjoy thoroughly. I just wanted to hear the lift I’d get by extending the baffle surface.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

If you’re powther me, you’ll likely have to loosen all of the bolts and have another go at the whole process. Yes if I wanted superb surround sound using SET amps comparable to anything you would get from the best home theater speakers, with the advantage of the best in stereo reproduction.

Apigning are a few that in my opinion, meet my personal preferences and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Show 25 25 50 All. Subsequently I was written off as “delusional” So follow the other posters well thought out advice and don’t be squeemish. The base of this open baffle design is nothing more than 0. I’m sure a few are wondering why I’ve spend all this time typing about a pair of speakers that aren’t a commercial offering.


Visitors can press their noses up against the boundary wall of this world within a world for free. In my case the corner loaded woofers sit about four feet behind the plane of the OBs. I will let you know how it goes.

He obliged and brought them over, unhappily at a time when I had to be at the hospital, so he placed them in the front of the room next to the mouths of my bass horns, about a third of the way out in the room and left final setup to me.

What I typed isn’t really bitterness, its six years of experimentation and tweaking trying to push these drivers to the limit.

Henry Lowther’s Still Waters: Can’t Believe, Won’t Believe review – smooth perfection

Lowthsr by newest oldest recommendations. I said previously, these drivers, when properly implemented; breathe life to music like no other speakers I’ve ever experienced, bar none. For a 20 Hz note for instance, about 20 feet long and 10 feet square. I was, I must admit, a little bewildered by this question. You end up with a ginormous, enveloping sound stage that has world class focus and placement.

Last Sunday in the ObserverI wrote a long piece about Stoke-on-Trent, in which I suggested that things in the city, having been grim for a while, were beginning to get better.