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Customize The Tech Report VIA talks about their VT controller here. A GeForce with passive cooling Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. We’ve illustrated the benefit of CSA technology in previous articles, an example of which can be found here in our P chipset article. This offers a couple of advantages; the implementer can choose a high quality amplifier to pair with the codec therefore having greater control over its gain, and the heat from the amplifier during operation will not affect the codecs performance. As we’ve said before, USB 2.

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Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Socket based Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Albatron PX865PE PRO II – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. The average desktop user won’t have much of a use for this technology, but anyone that is transferring a significant amount of data over gigabit Ethernet will enjoy the bus. We’ve illustrated the benefit of CSA technology in previous articles, an example of which can be found here in our P pdo article.

We’ve already talked a little bit about the Promise PDC controller, but just to refresh your memory, this controller allows you to connect one drive albaton each of the two yellow IDE connectors located at the bottom of the motherboard.


As we’ve said before, USB 2. It also features a CoolAMP architecture wherein the audio amplifier is separated from the codec. Sign up now Username Password Remember Pc865pe. Aside from some very small bugs I must admit, it’s not Audigy2 quality we are talking about here, but it’s good.

But can a Springdale board really deliver performance that rivals motherboards based on the Canterwood chipset? VIA talks about their VT controller here.

Perhaps Albatron will include the additional two USB 2. Albatron decided to add just two onboard Serial ATA connectors pz865pe of four like some other motherboard makers. Time for another Guru3D review! Oddly enough Albatron only bundles a four-port USB 2. A GeForce with passive cooling Steam names the best-selling games of Next to that one of my personal wishes finally was introduced. I’ll be going over each a,batron these peripherals in detail, but let’s look at the board’s layout first.

The audio control panel.

Albatron PXPE Pro Motherboard Ambulance sound – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

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Customize The Tech Report A really cool addition to the mainboard is inclusion of a albatrron soundcontroller. The potential for Canterwood-like performance from Springdale boards is certainly tantalizing for enthusiasts looking for high-end performance on mid-range boards, and could significantly erode the market for Canterwood-based products.


Albatron PX865PE Pro II (865PE): It’s Springdale Time

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. On albatroon more serio PAT is a series of aggressive internal memory timings that was supposed to offer better performance exclusively to the high-end Canterwood chipset, but clever motherboard engineers claim to have enabled PAT-like timings in Springdale products.

Check out the spec sheet:.

Thankfully Albatron bundles a two-port FireWire bracket since there isn’t any rear FireWire availableand this means that you don’t have to waste time and money buying one.

Albatron just released allbatron. This isn’t a terrible loss considering Albatron added a Promise PDC controller which means there are now two additional IDE connectors available via the Promise controller, and therefore you can still connect more than two Serial ATA drives by simply purchasing a parallel-to-serial adapter.

Of course most users have no need to connect this many drives to their system, but there will be some users that need wound type of support, and so the Albatron PXPE Pro II will fit the bill. We see a new trend in the industry, product differentiationset yourself on another spot in the market to get more reputation and expand your diversity.