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An innovative V-Track technology is utilized that goes deep into the details of all surfaces with guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking. Secondly, we see the optical keys here- a light source on each switch not the LEDs you are seeing in the picture above, the light source is built inside the switch and a Cherry MX style stem on the switch which in turn goes up and down such that as it goes down it will interrupt the light to register the keystroke: It is value for money. We can compare these keycaps to keycaps from a couple of more mainstream Cherry customers now, below we have Corsair, Bloody, Cooler Master from left to right:. Apr 25 ,

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Overall, this is a pretty solid keyboard despite the plastic everywhere. It removes the need for a mouse pad. My friend when kalah dota he hentam the keyboard still ok, more than 1 year oredi. Mar 28 Show posts by this member only Post 4.

A4 TECH USB PC Camera H – Add or Remove Programs Entry Information

Not a whole lot of power, so USB 2. Subscribe to this forum A4gech email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.

So u use A4Tech, so how? Show posts by this member only Post Feb 21 A4Tech Philippines is a customer oriented company that is dedicated to fulfilling the satisfaction of the customers. Show posts by this member only Post 1. I using a4tech [x7] The mouse is good: It is value for money. The keyboards designed by the brand has different layouts, each with their own unique features and advantages.


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Mar 7 Genesis CX33 is set for players who appreciate functionality combined with an ergonomic shape and gaming style.

Both tests tell which key input was faster, and by how much relative to the other. Included advanced software of mouse allows to assign many functions to each of 6 buttons, set the DPI from tosave macros and profiles and polling rate.

There are two light springs and the 07011 bar is screwed from the bottom giving it very uniform and consistent feedback to applied force along the length of the keycap.

On the back we see rubber pads on the four corners, and then we also have two rubber feet which are a light red in color and can be raised to angle the keyboard: Both require two keyboards or mice to be connected to the same computer. Attaching the wrist rest is fairly easy, just place it and screw it down.

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The operation range can vary up to 10 meters, providing a fast and accurate data transmission. This software also allows you to set the response time of double-clicking. Knock PK on the other hand is based on using a solid bar to connect two different keys one per 07011 and then press them continuously.


The company works to help people reach their goals. It is screwed in place, presumably, and that should be where the provided screws come in.

So they developed a piece of software to help demonstrate the overall response time for keystrokes for their keyboards with the A4tedh technology relative to other keyboards. Any way i don’t try at notebooks because i’m desktop user.

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A4Tech Bloody B720 Keyboard

Feb 20 Show posts by this member only Post 5. The video is recorded at 30fps with an image resolution of 16MP. Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The keyboard has everything which a true player needs — anti-ghosting function on most of keys used in games, the Windows key lock and multimedia buttons.