SCSI and RAID Devices


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Find More Posts by gauravdce Kprobe is a system that allows to break into any kernel routine at runtime and collect debugging and performance information non-disruptively. See full activity log. Nvidia has not contributed to this driver, it has been reverse-engineered. Also my wifi works randomly, so difficult to make updates.

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1. Prominent features (the cool stuff)

TCP cookie transactions Recommended Wikipedia article: Add a digital audio multiplexer driver commit AM35xx: I’ll try it some more, but looks good so far. Add support for Pause-Loop Exiting commit x Results 1 to 10 of This package provides the sk98lin kernel linuc s for Marvell: Only a few cards autogenerate it today, but the dependency will be removed in the future.

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Netbooks, smartphones and other embedded devices, distro installers, dumb clients without disk, virtualization, or old machines with not enought RAM to run modern software. Marvell Yukon Ethernet Driver. And, of course, it’s not stable, which is why it’s only being merged in the staging directory.


Architecture-specific changes x86 apic: See this page to see some benchmarks. DRBD can be understood as network based raid Implement raw output support for HIDP layer commit 8.

Bug # “[lucid] add support for Marvel 0x (88E)” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Add cropping, auto white balance, restrict sizes, add platform data commit Add support for yet another Dvbworld, Tevii and Prof USB devices commit Rate-limit newidle commit RCU: November 23rd, 1. Add FIP support to the fnic driver commit ibmvfc: Staging Drivers Added Realtek rtlu driver to staging commit rt Compile the kernel error [ failed ].

For example, to trace only timer interrupts in the system: Add a new kretprobe probe on a function return “perf probe -P ‘r: Andy Whitcroft apw on So what could be the problem? Add Suport for etsec2. Join Date Jan Location:: Add support for next generation of Bladeengine device.

Kill off bitrotted SH driver.

[SOLVED] Marvell Yukon for Scientific Linux

So the developers of Nouveau deserve a big applause. Given that the 2.


But for the archive, The patch author contacted me and send a small improvement that was upstreamed later:. This functionality is needed to implement tearing-free desktops commitcommit Radeon HDMI support for R KMS commit and Displayport support commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommit i overlay support for KMS commit 1. Or to only record IRQ 19 when the ‘achi’ handler is triggered: This feature adds “–filter expression” support to tracepoints, which utilizes the filter engine within the kernel.

Generic Marvell Yukon chipset Ethernet device well!