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It’s obviously just copying the data straight through. I’m not making the plane footage available for download, partly because the only place the eDVR could be strapped onto the plane in question left it looking through the propeller giving some interesting horizontal lines, and a storm of wind noise on the audio track , but mainly because the original STJ file was deleted, after being converted into So if you fill it with data, it’ll take more than four minutes to copy everything to your PC. This review’s old now, and AusPC don’t sell this product any more. I’ve seen some plane footage shot with the eDVR, and it looks great. I think the file in question was just broken, though. Anything that can fly outdoors should be able to loft the eDVR with no trouble at all.

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There’s no space saving to speak of either, of course; my The clips look a bit fuzzy, but it’s a cheap camera, what are you going to do. From that page, you can download edvt program called AVICreate if the st.

Now, there’s not a lot you can do with a two-button, two-digit, two-LED pipe between device and user. Forget about really low light. That’s why it’s so fast. But if you’re looking for a tiny-cam for fun or profit gift for a kid, camera for your space tourism flight with very limited carry-on weight, tool for undercover car reviews Welcome to BleepingComputera free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers. And a lot of baby-cams can shoot video these days, as well.


The problem is that the eDVR software gives it to you as the initial format, so you just can’t edit the darn clips properly.

The problem is video capacity; 30fps video without heavy interframe compressioneven at byeats space quickly. Give Dan some money! I like little tiddly digital cameras.

Interface One big problem with cheap baby-cams is that wdvr no space in the budget for a proper user interface. The camera takes a leisurely 15 seconds to power up, from the time you press the Mode button. Sometimes you can get something that aspires to the status of art, but I wouldn’t reserve any gallery space just yet if I were you.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver – Internal Hardware

This is quite straightforward – install the driver and the eDVR becomes a regular Windows Video device though its microphone doesn’t appear to work; you’ll have to use your sound card line in and a separate micso you can use it with the video conferencing software of your choice. The buttons aren’t in a dumb place.

You can take pictures in normally lit rooms at night, but they’ll be rather noisy. And any Windows user who wants to make WMVs not that anyone else is likely to want to That ain’t a problem. I could keep on whinging about this issue, but I needn’t, because there’s a way around it. At first, I thought it was a bit of a disaster.


Well, fairly functional; it likes to hard-delete source files not send them to the Recycle Bin Applications There are some particular reasons to want a camera like this one rather than a “proper” digicam, even if you don’t care much about the price. The eDVR’s low light performance is not good, again as normal for cameras of this type.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. The Lo-quality images are byand 20 kilobytes or so, and a bit more crunchily compressed than the kilobyte-ish by Hi-quality shots.

So that’s all pretty much fine. The STMicro converter is not scaling the frames down. And it’s a USB memory stick, too.

Edited by Sneakycyber, 06 July – The eDVR has an internal lithium ion battery that ought to run wdvr all day; it recharges when the camera’s plugged into a PC a full charge takes two and a half hours. When you press the Mode button once, the display shows the quality setting “Hi”, for instancethen “Ac” for audio mode. Press the Mode button once, and you cycle through to audio clip mode.