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Starting about 5 years ago, that laptop was unstable. We’re talking about licenses for 4 seats plus expensive options on a floating license setup. This site hosts no abandonware. BloodyCactus Ars Praefectus Tribus: I have to say that it let me down. Discussion about old PC hardware. Feb 27, Posts:

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That laptop has both 3Com and Intel cards available, so from now on I prefer the 3Com. Mon May 11, 5: Intel Pro S is a server adapter, and my personal favorite.

For my rather modern rigs, I just use the onboard NIC. As long as i can get drivers and they’re working reliably I 3coj don’t care what brand they are.

Modify MAC address in hardware of 3Com Etherlink III – Ars Technica OpenForum

Unfortunately, Win9x does not have built-in drivers for these. BloodyCactus Ars Praefectus Tribus: Last edited by tayyare on Jan 21, Posts: Also had a d-link that was trouble free, and an intel one.

At some point I swapped to 3cs, various versions, and they seem trouble free for 98,xp. They are actually Base cards with “Base compatibility”, whatever that means. The one I was trying it on is a 3CB. No, it does not have to be a 3Com card. Fri May 08, 4: What the hell OS is this computer running. I don’t have a clue how it was done, other that what I posted back in My earlier curiosity found it using google. Your computer dies and the software company says “Oh well, we’ll fix it, but you have to buy a new license.


Well it says in your post: My P3 era Thinkpad also had a similar Intel card in it, I’m not sure exactly what chip it’s based on but it uses the same x driver. What about ISA slot network cards?

Modify MAC address in hardware of 3Com Etherlink III

I swapped out the card and the laptop has been stable ever since. If you install the Intel utilities then they also have lots of configuration options, but honestly that’s cos useful.

Never had any issues and have all arrived brand new and sealed. Paint Shop Pro 3. Ods have to say that it let me down.

Fri May 08, 3: They don’t specify a specific part number. Strange how they keep updating the Dos drivers though. Jun 6, Posts: Funny you should mention the 3Com 3CTX.

Unless I don’t have the right utility.

Index of /pub/windows/drivers/Rede/3Com/3c905/Novo/MSLANMAN.DOS/DRIVERS/ETHERNET/EL90X

They’re reliable and they work automatically with anything I’ve tried them with. I’m sure there’s lots of good options that are just as well supported, and if you use Win95, maybe something older would be needed. I looked 3fom some Intel datasheets and confirmed that it supports more than what the linux driver exposes.


Mon May 11, 7: