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My Zune connects to it and allows me to play music off my Zune on my which is connected to my surround sound system. If you do not want other people to see your Zune device, then you can turn off the wireless function or adjust the privacy settings in the menu. I prefer the Micrsoft Zune’s software for organizing my music. It also contains a USB 2. When you need to load up content to the Zune, simply connect it to your computer; it will automatically detect your existing media files from iTunes or Windows Media Player and import them.

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They had “Welcome to the Social November 14, ” written on the back and came in white packaging featuring Zune artwork, then were released on the very same month.

Microsoft Zune 30 White (30 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Retrieved from ” https: It was released on November 14,simply named the Zune. Managing your files with the device’s software is aune and intuitive.

Want to listen to songs as per your choice? But still fairly decent.

Microsoft Zune 30 Pink ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

The downside to this is you can’t really control the speed you scroll at, so if you have a long list of artists it could take seconds instead of seconds Oh, another bright side: First off, I have an X-Box When I decided to get a new mp3 player, I wanted to make sure that it last for a long time and large enough to hold all my songs, stories, and videos.


Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Those are some pretty big points of sale fo r this item. Very nice unit, very sturdily built. My zunf always seemed to break down every 4 months or so, my zune lasted nearly 2 years before needing a replacement.

You may also like. A Halo 3 inspired Zune developed in partnership with the game’s creators Bungie was announced at a Halo 3 event in May Fig are of course some drawbacks. So that’s a plus.

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This is the best MP3 player I’ve ever used. It is a little heavier than Ipod, but it looks much nicer. Product Key Features Storage Capacity. I purchased a set of BOSE headphones and they help the music sound good.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player

Audio Player Accessories for Zune I’m using the unit in advance to see how it works. And the Zune holds more than the flash creative drives I looked at.


Listen to music with this Microsoft media player that has a battery life of up to 14 hours. But, after the first couple times of figuring out what folders are to be uploaded its managable.

This is a great ipod alternative because of the cost and ease of use. Zjne sound is nothing remarkable, slightly less pronounced than the Zen, but zhne acceptable. The battery life is around a good hours if you’re listening to MP3’s, around hours if you’re watching videos.

Big bummer for me. It has a nice 30GB hard drive, sleek design, and it’s own marketplace service for people to get their hands on legit music titles. The vibrant, colorful LCD 3-inch screen with a maximum resolution of by pixels will make your media look clear and vivid.

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